credit: thmsdz

Trivia: Dara was the dubber for Jamie Robinson in the tagalized Voltes V in Hero Channel (Sky Cable). [cr. geannie_chris; thanks to hollister_sy]


cr: hollister_sy @ twitter


‘can’t stop watching the vid! ❤ Dara’s sooo adorbs *.* This vid’s daebak! (thanks to the vid uploader and to peeps in twitter) And it’s [Voltes V theme song] a Japanese song which reminds me of 2NE1’s upcoming Japan debut… best of luck to Dara and to 2NE1 <333

Comments on: "Video: [Pre-debut] Sandara singing Voltes V Theme Song" (22)

  1. CUUUTEEEE!! i miss her slightly chubby cheeks ^.^

  2. this is so cute~
    haha~ VOLTES V!

  3. Dara is so cute w/ the costume!

  4. aaaww cutteeee! lol @ vhong!!

  5. sweet and cute dara!!! i hope that their debut in japan will be successful….God bless you

  6. ilovetotoro said:

    awww. she’s good in singing it! haha. she should sing for an anime when they debut to japan!

  7. kwondarong said:

    she’s so cute,, this should be on the news

  8. javier park said:

    haha so cute like a 16 year old girl

  9. awww she’s so cute here >.<
    and she looks slightly younger here, like more like a kid :3. not that she doesn't look young now, but yeah, know what I mean? :P.

    AAHHHH I really mis her and her me2day updates :(. she doesn't update anymore :'(. I miss 2NE1 too, aish, I'm gonna cry 😥
    *sniff sniff*

  10. illusionsii said:

    dara in PBB

  11. it fun watching dara singing this song.
    i remember she did tagalog/filipino dubbing of jaime’s voice in voltes V. ha!ha!

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by dearLyn ★, Maisarah Mohd and Mama Wowa, Oh Dara!. Oh Dara! said: VIDEO: [Pre-debut] Sandara singing Voltes V Theme Song #sandarapark […]

  13. Lol cant play the vid but looks funny. I think sandara dubbed one of the shows character. dunno if it’s little john or jaime

  14. Green Mango said:

    It is so cute and the ad lib at the end, “Akala ko Japanese and Voltes V ay Koreana pala.”

  15. Gosh, such a cutie!
    Lol, whose that tall girl beside her?
    And what show is this?
    She’s so adorable in this vid.! 🙂

    • daralover said:

      this is a game show in the philippines..the title is “gudtaym”..don’t know exactly who’s beside her but i think she is also an artist in the cutie right?kekeke..i remember the days..

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