Credit: michibangs01@yt


source: neisseria25 @ twitter

thanks to mamawowa and parksiblings @ twitter 🙂


Comments on: "Video: More Miss Tangerine Pics With New Version Of CF/MV Teaser!" (18)

  1. adorkable

  2. I can’t wait for tomorrow! i hope Etude will release the full CF/MV earlier than planned!

  3. Why soo Cute and Sexy Dara?
    even without trying, everything she does is <333!!!
    Her expressions upon seeing the cupcakes and craving for one, is uber cuute!
    the icing on her nose is cute!
    the licking on the cupcake was soo hot, LOL!
    She didn't even intend to look sexy there,
    her eyes are soo expressive and beautiful~
    can't wait for the Full CF on Tuesday! ^^

  4. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    it’s amazing to have 100 expressions! Dara-yah! you’re such a bundle of charm keke. i myself have a varying expressions of, maybe, 5 lol.. ^^

  5. this longer teaser is so cute!!!
    i love the part where she’s craving for the cupcakes.
    her expression there is ❤

    cant wait for the full mv!

    feb 1st come quick!

  6. I’m loving her humming part in the beginning of the vid. It sounds so calming! LOL! I wish she sang the song instead. Her sweet voice would compliment the song well. Anyway, so excited for the MV! Feb. 1, come quickly! ^_^


  8. Love her facial expression<33 Great shot!

  9. first picture is sexy
    second is innocent
    third is funny!

    • daraislove said:

      IKR! it was indeed SEXY! she licked the cupcakes so seductively! even if she looked innocent that part was so PROVOCATIVE! my god im a girl what is she doing to me LOL .. i hope someone will do a GIF for that part!

  10. Pretty@♥ the last picture is cuteness overload!:DD

  11. WOW! Darayah ur so sexy. even it only shows ur face, it looks sexy!

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hollister Sy, Oh Dara!. Oh Dara! said: PHOTOS: More Miss Tangerine Pics! – the cupcakes look delish! ❤ [cr. @neisseria25] thanks to @parksiblings @mamawowa […]

  13. Green Mango said:

    Those eyes are very pretty and expressive.

  14. anonyMOEs said:

    awwww da icing on her nose… cute!!!! Feb 1st hurry up!!!

  15. Lol, she’s so cute at the last photo!

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