I think this was during Style Icon Awards 🙂 Thanks to nique_25 @ soompi for sharing!

Comments on: "Photo: 2NE1 with Actor So Ji Sub!" (10)

  1. Dara looks good with any guy! 🙂

  2. ..oh..so ji sub looks thinner..o_0
    btw…love dara being near with him..hahah

  3. Noice noice! 😀

  4. sandara park said:


  5. I wouldn’t mind if Dara gets an acting gig w/ So Jisup. The guy can act and most of his dramas are just sooo intense!

  6. Yay! One of my fave actors with my fave girl group! Love seeing them together in this picture. 🙂

  7. love so jisub and seeing him with 2ne1 is just ❤ ^^

  8. pretty!:)

  9. woah!!!!! So Ji Sub @.@ He’s so hot ❤ I wonder if he can resist the beauty of our Goddess in order not to like her ^^

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