Dara’s new bob hair cut became a hot issue (woot!) last week (see article posted here in ohdara about it by our dear translator, Belle ❤ – Sandara Park’s Hair Transformation – Following the Popular Trend Setter). Another article about Dara’s new look was also posted in Yahoo! Ph a few days ago. And following that, Dara topped Yahoo! Philippines Search TT <333 We love you, Goddess D ❤

credits: yahoo! + hollister_sy@twitter

credits: yahoo! + 2NE1Facts@twitter


Thanks to people here and in twitter for the tip <333


Comments on: "News: Sandara Park becomes Yahoo Ph Search #1 Trending Topic" (14)

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  5. i saw that too and i was so happy… i never thought she’d top yahoo phil search… i also saw an article about her and 2ne1 in manila bulletin… manila bulletin has written a couple of news about her and 2ne1. her appearance in taeyang’s inag mv was also written a few months ago…

  6. Dara unnie jjang!!! 🙂

  7. Haha Yay Dara!

  8. 2ne1 will definitely going to the Philippines next year. hoping.!

  9. sandara park said:

    this yahoo is only on ph. so lucky

  10. woot! woot!:)) way to go dara unnie!:))

  11. Can’t this be love is now showing in kapamilya blockbuster! Yeheey

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