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Wassup?!  Finally, it’s already tomorrow! Will you be going to Inkigayo tomorrow? Let’s all see Minkki’s dance! Let’s go! Would Dara’s acting in It Hurts music video be excellent?  I received applause for my acting! Ke Applause!  The other members shook my hand when they saw the MV with me in it! ^__^ Cheers! Applause!

Translated by: knucklepink @ / BlackjackBelle @ ohdara

Comments on: "Me2day: ‘It Hurts’ MV will be released tomorrow! + Minkki @ Inkigayo ^.^" (75)

  1. supersta79 said:

    i’m excited for both! i love 2NE1 because I adore dara park. i love to see her perform this song even if she only got few lines on it. i’m quite sure she’ll do good! she hasn’t failed short of my expectations.

    and i love YG prod staff for trying out to balance things.

  2. DARAcoercion said:

    I’m a neutral blackjack first before I become Dara bias but nevertheless who will only lead the MV or as a group I will still support 2NE1 as a whole no matter what. Watch their performances and MV and all. So please guy, I know that some of you are hurt that Dara got the least line of IT HURTS but it also hurt me for some of you who said that you will only watch the MV and not the performances. WE waited for them for one year, and we are suppressing our selves just for this?

    I mean, It’s not all the song that Dara got the least line. ^^ she own CYH and LIO, and totally stand out in CN MV.

    I do not now if you will hate me for this. But, I really enjoy all things 2NE1 do as long as there is Dara, little exposure or not but don’t gonna lie that I feel EXTRA pleasured if there is a sole MV for Dara. That’s her fan’s wish.

    I know you don’t mean your thoughts at I know in the end you will still watch their

    I admit when this news came out, IT HURTS is in the list of my fave playlist in my pod already unlike

    Well, you are entitled in your own opinion. ^^

    AND CONGRATULATIONS DARA for this lead. I’m really happy. I’m waiting for it!^^

  3. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    gaaah!! so good to wake up to this post! Im already so excited for the mv but this even made the waiting diffiicult!! It hurts! kekkeke pardon the pun, i can’t help myself. But yeah, Bianca, I am a tad saddened when I imagine the live perfs. Again, i might clutch my chest then and mumble,”Omo! It Hurts!! lol
    Btw, off topic, but does anyone here know if there’s a subbed version of StrongHeart already? Thanks y’all!! see u all again on this site tomorrow!hwaiting! ^^

  4. What a good Halloween treat for us.
    I’m already imagining the mv, ohmy! I’m really excited.
    With that kind of picture, the concept would be superb and knowing the director is the one in charge of Butterfly mv, it’s a Jjang!! 😀

  5. what time will they release the mv?

  6. guyz, you have to watch this: Dara’s MAMA Promo Video in Filipino Language. Credits to> YG United

    we love you Dara. =)

  7. I’m so happy for you!!
    You’re the best korean actress! I swear!!

  8. bleighton_chaera said:

    ..i’m excited!!!!

  9. oblivious2dobvious said:

    guys…remember the rules about shipping! LOL…just a friendly reminder…

    And…Dara should be in the MV…I mean…she’s the actress among the 4 of them and she didn’t have a lead role in the first 3 songs…and so…YG did a great move with this… Yey!

  10. We maybe spazzing about our Empress D, leading on this MV!
    But then, after this? Imagine the AWKWARD atmosphere, when they are going to perform this!
    I actually have an idea already, on how am I going to watch every of their IT HURTS performances,
    w/out feeling sad for the lack of lines for Empress D!

  11. love daragon said:

    The leading man of dara is friend of G-dragon..hmmmpf..Maybe G-dragon chose his friend fto be Dara’s leading man..So he can’t be jealous…LOL’ DARAGON:)

  12. Omo, I kept refreshing and I still can’t see my other comment! My dearest admin, did I say something errrrrr, wrong??

  13. OMG…..the acting talent of our godes will be showcased,,,,em so so xcited

  14. best… best.. best…

  15. I’m kinda sad right now! I should’ve to be happy right? Coz we’re still going to watch them!
    But, imagine our BABY D, standing or sitting on the stage,
    waiting for her 1 liner part, isn’t that awkward?
    I mean A.W.K.W.A.R.D!
    Sorry guys, for being EMO here, I just can’t really be happy for this!
    I’m glad that she’s the lead role on this mv, but still!
    *sigh again* lol
    I’m SANDARA PARK bias after all!

  16. glaze loves dara said:

    waa.. I wanna die.. waaa.. so excited. 🙂 waaaa.. Nkakaloka 🙂

  17. omoni!
    im proud of you dara unnie!!!
    finally finally! ahhhhhhh~~~~~~

    2ne1 fightaaah

  18. dara unnie….i’ll support matter what…kyak…love you more….

  19. We have to support our goddess, let’s make it most view on YouTube and million views in one day. That’s our mission blackjacks, blackjacks fighting.

  20. so are they gonna drop the mv too tomorrow?? waahhh i’m excited

  21. pinkprincez_mya said:

    “WAH!!!!!!!”….. i’m sooooooo excited for the mv!!!!!!! Blackjacks let’s anticipate this mv.. lets put this on the most view on youtube… and a million views for our goddess… pls.. pls…. support 2ne1.. support dara!!!!!!!! keke

  22. memelovesdara said:

    will there be a kiss???? hahaha

  23. this YG news and Dara update just made my day!..what more could u ask for, DARA in a leading role for ‘It Hurts” MV?..that will be Epic!..:))

  24. Don’t worry beautiful witch Dara we will definitely watch Minzy in her dance performance at Inki and of course the much awaited music video of “It Hurts”. Someone who posted in All Kpop mentioned that it will be a very sad MV but we will see if it’s really going to be a sad music video. Anyway, it’s still a good treat for Halloween. 2NE1 fighting! ^o^

  25. waaaahhh!!!! so excited!!! but wait!! Dara said minzy will dance?? so they are going to dance for their performance?? So it’s probably not a slow version? or an interpretative dance perhaps?? LOL. Now I’m also anticipating for their Inki performance! ^___^

    • no…minzy has a dance battle together with other good dancers… read it on ygunited for more info ^^

    • no..minzy will dance together with other male idols..minzy alone..its a special dance performance in inki..its not for it hurts… 😀 😀

    • hello chiha 🙂 oh, dara might be referring to the special dance performance in Inki featuring Minzy, Taemin and other idol guys 🙂

    • oh, I was wrong..keke.. KiKwang, Taemin, Wooyoung, Chansung, and Minzy will perform Halloween Special stage on Inkigayo. That’s what Dara means by Minzy’s dance… 0__o

  26. I’m just excited for the video, not for the song!

  27. huhu..cant wait !!! eventhough i felt bad that it would be it hurts cause she had least parts of it but then im excited at the same time because this is sandara’s MV!! Darong, just show to everyone how good you are in the MV and everybody will forget that you had lesser parts!! Sandara fighting!!
    yeei, i would not probably leave our PC until MV comes out!!
    blackjacks..pls vote 2NE1..they were again beaten by Miss A in dance performance category….omo omo..VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE people

  28. waa!! The wait is killing me!! 😛
    Another MV with GODDESS D!!
    Good luck on the MV! on the Follow-up Song!
    2NE1 Fighting!!
    Dara Daebak!! 😀

  29. Of course Dara unni! We’re excited!!! Kyah!!! Can’t wait for the MV! I’m sure you did an excellent job.

  30. the GUY!!the Guy!!was cute!! hahaha… I like him….
    here’s photos of him.. his a gorgeous model … nyahahaha

    • he is cute…but too skinny for me…he looks abit like jokwon and leeteuk… why oh why can’t it be taeyang? lol my DaraYang dellusions is spinning again… i like “It hurts” but “love is ouch” is better..hmm.. atleast she’s happy ^.^

      and anyone else thinks its abit similar to “nightmare before christmas”? heheh idk… that’s what first popped in my mind ^.^

      • well i don’t think he is cute…
        my sister said that sandara look good with flower boys but she like boyish tough,cute boys look like won bi and taeyang…

  31. huhu..cant wait !!! eventhough i felt bad that it would be it hurts case she had least parts of it but then im excited at the same time because this is sandara’s MV!! Darong, just show to everyone how good you are in the MV and everybody will forget that you had lesser parts!! Sandara fighting!!
    yeei, i would not probably leave oup PC until MV comes out!!
    blackjacks..pls vote 2NE1..they were again beaten by Miss A in dance performance category….omo omo..VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE people

  32. omo!!another MV..i cant wait to see it tomorrow,,DARA Fighting…i hope some boybands like UKISS, SUJU and 2PM will make you their lead actress for their MV..kekekeke… sure it will gonna happen soon….

  33. can’t wait to see the MV!
    Dara Unnie Love U!

  34. waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..I knew it….. the MV would an applause for her…. clap.clap.clap….. Dara unnie..I LOVE YOU..wahahaha

  35. Awwww, now this made me more excited for the MV! I know you did really great, Dara-unnie! Can’t wait to see your acting! ^_^

  36. simplykylie said:

    excited want to sleep now so that when i wake up i can see 2ne1

  37. Darong you know I’m always excited when there’s something new about you 🙂

  38. We will look forward to it Dara yah!
    whatever the looks, you still look cute! and pwetty!

  39. can’t wait to see yourr, music video daraunnie fighting.. (>.<) =)

  40. wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    dara im so proud…
    looking forward..
    i think im gonna cry tomorrow for happiness…

  41. daraya… i’m so excited! words cannot even express…

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