credit: mnzj


Dara in pigtails! Sooo cuuute! ❤

Thanks to yunhaelove for the tip 🙂

Comments on: "Video: [101002] 2NE1 Fancam @ Joint Changwon Citizen Celebration" (5)


  2. waa!!!:DDD
    i wanna wanna wanna wanna want to have a clearer HD version of this!! i hope it will be posted here soon.

    it’s like i’m watching a liitle girl trying to act fierce!
    aww:)) she is too cute!:)
    those pigtails and pink pants makes her look like a cute little kid!:)
    dara unnie are you really a 27-year old lady?? keke:P

    i love your clothes:))

  3. I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!>_<

  4. Drunken_Unicorn said:

    I WANT HQ SOO BBAAADDD!!! OOMGGG I want HQ CLOSE UPS in sc, gifs, wallpaper, mugs, shirts, and slow motion romantic music videos 8D…..DARA I WANT CHUU<33 Omg why do I feel like a pedo when Dara is WAY older than I am??? xD

  5. Kyaa! First time I’ve seen her hair in pigtails! How cute!

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