The show is called Star Golden Bell . I think his mission was to call his noona 😀

source :dc2ne1

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  1. Drunken_Unicorn said:

    Thank you for editing the title <33 I was only a brat because I love this site and I want it to be perfect 8D

  2. gigivillaceran said:

    sub pls!

  3. […] Videos: Doongie calling her noona ? The show is called Star Golden Bell . I think his mission was to call his noona […]

  4. watchamacallit! said:

    Aaaaah! What the hell?! What are they all talking about?! Korean should be thought in all Asian communities! I’m depressed I cant understand anything except Dara! 😦

    • LOL, i hope they already sub when they air on TV.. kpop or anything about korea now are a lot of int’l fans…

  5. Drunken_Unicorn said:

    *Someone lol oops typed too fast so yes please someone edit the title. It’s bothering meee….

  6. that’s really funny!

    basically doongie deleted mir’s cell phone number because mir didn’t reply to two of doongie’s texts…

    haha. sensitivity about texting/responses runs in the family! dara also gets pissed if you don’t text back, haha xD (as she mentioned on win win)

    • can u understand korean?…can u give us rough translation about what they’re talking…..plzzzzzzzz!

    • ooo..
      thunder deleted mir’s phone number because he didn’t reply to his texts?? keke:P dara unnie and his brother are really similar!!:))
      i agree..sensitivity seems to run in their family! cute!!:))
      i love this siblings!! keke:)

      ..the guy on the last vid seems familiar too..
      is he a fanboy?? keke:P

  7. Green Mango said:

    I wanted to say the same thing (about “his”) but my grammar mistakes are also quite glaring at times so… 🙂

  8. Drunken_Unicorn said:

    Because I’m a grammar nazi and it’s making me cry can some PLEASE please change ‘her noona’ in the title to ‘his noona.’ Dogpoop is not a girl! ; A;

  9. Anonymous said:

    Excuse me.. Does anybody know when the subbed 2ne1 TV S2, Episode 3 and WIN WIN will come out?.. 🙂

    • ep 3 i think is on it’s way to getting finished, it’s probably around editing stages or qc-ing… not sure but the last time i checked, they were around that stage.. so it should probably be out soon, before tue is my guess..
      For Win win.. they haven’t started subbing it yet last time i checked on their process so might take a lil while longer..
      i lost the link on their progress report page today so i cant double check lol.

  10. Cheondung looks good here ^^
    but I’m curious on what they’re saying x.x

  11. Thunder is so cute and handsome here, he looks cuter and sexier than Bigbang member, I think he is taller than bigbang members, am I right?. Dara must be really pround of Thunder and vice versa. ^^

  12. can anyone translate this please………

  13. oh my..i can’t understand…waaaaaaa…plz any rough translations plzzzzzz!

  14. what does he mean by sandara-nee?is that like how u call someone real close to u?trans plsss..i’m going crazeeeeey..
    & lol goddess hung up haha XD

  15. YelleUnnie said:

    sub please 😀

  16. imaBlackJack said:

    omo…@ skittles03 thank you!!

  17. nyc_emj15 said:

    he’s go joo won from the drama kim soo ro…

  18. 2ne1shabam said:

    wow doongie is so handsome there…and that guy is really familiar i seen him in dramas i think…hmp…

  19. i think he’s won bin?

  20. 2ne1shabam said:


  21. imaBlackJack said:

    me too!!! trans pls..hehe i havent watched win win..kbs blocked all the videos in yt… do guys knw where i can watch win win?

  22. for goodness sake, can somebody tell me what thunder and the other guys is talking about.. it’s killing me!!!

  23. guys, i think this is what dara unnie talk during win win, if not mistaken, when dongie come, i heard dara unnie talk about golden bell..but not sure though…

  24. WAH!!!!!!!!!ENGLISH SUB PLEASE!!

  25. tangerine_24 said:

    oh there you go..thanks for posting…who is the mysterious guy??? In times like this I really wish I can understand Korean 😦

  26. so on the second cut.. why did he mention sandara??? he looks familiar but cant remember his name hehe.

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