Fans have made a tally of the most popular me2day site and we have G-Dragon in the 1st place followed by 2NE1 in the 2nd to 5th position and Daesung in the 7th position. Congratulations! Its celebration!

The List of Rankings are as follows:

1) Big Bang G-Dragon 144,224
2) 2NE1 Sandara Park 96,554
3) 2NE1 Park Bom 72,303
4) 2NE1 CL 67,503
5) 2NE1 MinJi 64,480
7) Big Bang DaeSung 29,626

source: oh! kpop

re-posted at iBigbang Fansite


Thank you mia1234 for the tip! 🙂

Comments on: "NEWS: G-Dragon Ranks 1st on me2day stars!" (7)

  1. daraparkfan said:

    LMAOOOO!!! see???even when it comes to me2day YG family conquers the top spots!!!!!! ^^
    but ok i love g dragon but dara should be no.1 coz does he even update his regularly??? idk but to me dara updates AT LEAST once a week or two LOL

  2. mia1234 said:

    Yes, congrats.

  3. hail the me2day king and queen!!


    the other artists can’t seem to dominate me2day so a lot of them are now switching to twitter..

  4. congrats to the me2day queen!!!!!
    she never fails to update…that’s what i love about her…..
    she really loves the blackjacks and parkers as well
    and all the dara fans in the world…..
    we love you dara!!!!!

  5. Mathel 828 said:

    She always has a story to tell and share…

    She always has a story to tell… emotions and experiences to share… jokes and laughter to spread… appreciation and love to convey…
    For all of these, I guess fans and friends do not want to miss any of it… always look forward to them…

    Our Me2Day Queen…

  6. kissyv said:

    She really is the ME2DAY QUEEN!!! ^^
    The reason why many are following her~
    You will be very happy with all her updates~ ^^

  7. Yay! 🙂 YG Fam dominates =)

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