credit: tamtamie03

credit: CLBaddestFemale

I’m sooo excited to see the photos!!!and I know you are too 🙂 whoot I can’t wait!

Comments on: "Videos: Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 Nylon Photoshoot teasers" (19)

  1. […] ♥♥Oh Dara has a preview of Jeremy Scott’s latest photo shoot for Nylon. […]

  2. Jeremy Scott with 2NE1 is purely amazing.
    He is one sweet, awesome, talented, fun, creative Designer and just love all his creation. 2NE1 is one trendy and bold girl-power group who always dares to trek the path least taken. You can see that they all know how to play and just have fun which makes them exciting.
    Jeremy Scott + 2NE1 = Perfect Combination

    Note: Dara is extra gorgeous and beautiful in all her outfits, make-up and hairstyles in this shoot and cannot wait to see the photos.

  3. Love the Mickey shoes Dara’s wearing and I envy her >.<, I wish I can own one ^__^ Love all the clothes that I'm seeing in this BTS, Nylon Mag will surely be a big hit, Jeremy Scott and 2ne1 are Awesome!!! 2ne1 and Jeremy Scott <333

    Goddess Dara's so sexy!!!

  4. pinkyasumi said:

    Jeremy Scott tweets about 2NE1 and links OhDara!

    yey! wonder how he learned of OhDara and why did he link the site! hahaha… yes! awesome!

  5. I think I just saw Dara’s sexxaaay abs O.O
    Ayiyiyi! can’t wait for the official pics!!

  6. stargazing said:

    dara’s denim top with lion at the back, looks familiar…i saw someone who wore that before…either its CL or GD…correct me if im wrong…

  7. crown princess star said:

    Super cutie Dara!!!!!!!!! 2NE1 and JEremy Scott!! Awesome!

  8. The girls looks really shy around JS but i saw how confident they are that they will do well in this photoshoot and coolness with all the outfits.

    And oh my Dara, love her poses and her hairstyle!


  9. whoa.. can any other girl group get cooler than this? hahah i don’t know who im more envious of..2ne1 meeting jeremy or jeremy getting close & really touchy with the girls? hmm.. i think jeremy!! LOL

    im really really envious how he just casually curled his arm around dara’s waist & shoulder…waah!! wish i could hug her like that!! (i bet all the fanboys do too lol)

  10. LOL at jeremy saying “they are so little , I’ll put them in my pocket” … hayz jscott if only …if only … I would love them to put in my pocket too ….

  11. Waa!! Excited for the official pics!
    Hopefully there’ll be tons release~
    The girls look adorable and Jeremy is so fond of them!
    Love Darong’s Look! ^^
    Gorgeous D is rocking it!
    her shoot with JS was really wacky and fun! and I love how lovely she looks as always~ ^__^

  12. dara is so adorable………….

  13. i think 2NE1’s sponsor is JEREMY SCOTT!!!!!! 2ne1+JS= FASHION

  14. i’d say its an overwheling feeling for the girls. i’d be too if i were in their shoes 😀

    you can tell from the vids and photos that Dara is shy around JS.

  15. babydragon said:


    Woah! That’s so badass! I’m so looking forward to the HQ pics of that photoshoot! The girls are definitely the coolest ever!

    And Jeremey and Xin!!! So exciting! I wish I can buy NyLon Korea online like the US one!

  16. tamtamie said:

    woah~ i’m very excited to see the whole photoshoot…
    i miss them so much…i want more…kekek~
    DARA is so cute and always gorgeous!
    (OMO! it seems like i am late…i’ve just uploaded the video of BTS now…tsktsk~)^^

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