more Dara pics at the party from Dcinside below 🙂


Thanks to elavip and itzmaeee @ soompi for sharing the highcut pics and scarlet for the tips 🙂

Mademoiselle Deshi

Comments on: "Photos:[UPDATED] Saturday Night Fever with Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 by High Cut" (21)

  1. XxAdorablexX said:

    wow, i so didn’t know gd was there too! he looks soo awesome! my daragon heart is spazzing once again!

  2. My loves are both adorable..k k k!!

  3. Jeremy Scott Retweeted this…eeeek! Me lovey! ❤

  4. Hahha….guess JS is really close to the girls.
    Look at his arm around Dara…LoL!

  5. GD looks soo cool!
    Just like all the girls!
    Cool party!

  6. She is glowing that night~
    Stunning Sandara is <333!!
    Gotta love that pretty smile on that pretty face
    her skin is really beautiful,
    it stands out, making Gorgeous D all the more beautiful~
    Love Love Bright Sandara! ^^

  7. omo omo GD ma honey is there~!!
    soooo f hot

  8. YG Family!!! dara is so pretty..i think this is the second pic not behind the scene or performance related with Jiyong, kinda new to me and the way how JS held her, lol possessive much?

  9. she’s really pretty!!! i envy her beauty!!! she looks 21 years old!! i wish i have a magic potion to be pretty always like hers!!!!

  10. the last picture isn’t balanced. either jiyong or the stylist should move to the other side…kekeke…on the other hand, might be that jiyong is suppose to hide yet decided not to when the camera clicked..hahaha…

    you can see dara is enjoying the party…yeah baby!

    oh, and GD you like mghty fine! 🙂

  11. Dara looks so hot as usual! Her beauty always stands out and because of that someone was there looking after her. kekeke 🙂

  12. so jiyong was there? O_o

  13. sweepberry said:

    So there you are GD… hiding somewhere?
    LOL he can’t resist to hide anymore in the end haha!

    IS L.O.V.E. ♥ ~ >_^)

  14. stargazing said:

    hehe…sobrang mahiyain talaga si sandy…si CL naman pose kung pose…hehe…si Bom parang wala lagi sa mood…hehe

  15. goodluckshirt said:

    For the gazillionth time, her skin is seriously incredible.
    It photographs BEEYOOTEEFULLY, OMG, especially since you see how it doesn’t change in quality down to her neck and stuff. Gosh.

  16. o god…ders GD…wonderng wat theyre doing behind cam…lol

  17. GD’s soo hot! :)) cool outfits. go girls! 😀

  18. KayBeCR said:

    Cute. Ji’s there. ♥ Wonder why… ^^


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