Coming back with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, U-Kiss (Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Kiseop) reveal their ideal types on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

U-Kiss’ maknae Dongho, who has been getting a lot of love from nunas, chose between the top stars of Korea easily, showing his honest character, which is distinctive of a Type B.

But one choice that Dongho had a hard time making was ‘SNSD VS KARA’. Seeing Dongho’s worried expression when picking between these two groups, and even asking if he could pass, the members burst out laughing.

Although Dongho had stated Shin Se Kyung as his ideal type, he quickly picked Huang Jung Eum over her in less than 10 minutes, showing off the badboy (?) side of a Type B.

When he had to pick between Park Boyoung and IU, whom he often states as his ideal type, Dongho could not hide his difficulty as he made an unexpected decision.

So between IU and Park Bo Young, who was the one Dongho picked as his ideal type eventually? Dongho, who likes older girls, picked Shin Minah as his final ideal girl.

Dongho, who picked Shin Minah because of her remarkable fashion sense, left her a video message saying “let’s go for a meal together”. Together with Dongho, Kiseop and Alexander’s ideal types will be revealed via rounds of “Ideal type World Cup” on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

Although Kiseop had a range of choices such as Han Hyo Ju, Lee Min Jung, Sandara Park, the devoted Type A eventually still picked Goo Hye Sun as his ideal type. Big fan (?) of Lee Hyori, Alexander picked Sandara Park over Lee Hyori, getting rebuked by his members.

Source: Arts News + ukissme.SG (Translations)

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Alexander is the second U-Kiss member to choose Dara as his ideal girl. Check out the first HERE. Cute! 😀

thanks to mitchy_shaw82 for the heads up!

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  3. im not satisfied with thier answers….but i wish i could be DARA to caught the attention of KEVIN!….

  4. wella marquez said:

    wow…dara is very popular now in korea even here in the Philippines…

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  6. i just wan to ask if kevin ideal girl is still dara? because she always change him ideal girl last he said that he like’s go hara and now dara who will be next..i think he is just playing

  7. i lovecute7 said:

    hey guys another fanboy over here check it out… he’s even asking YG something…

    credits fo joongboskittles03

    • i lovecute7 said:

      I think a Dara fanboys list is really needed. 🙂 she’s getting too many to keep track lol

  8. wahah…
    so does this mean Kevin and Alexander will be rivals
    since both their ideal type girl is Dara?
    Who will win?

  9. wow!!

    Dara so popular among Korean celebrity ^ ^

  10. ei…is alexander and kevin the same guy??? I think they’re not… the first obne to pick dara was kevin..and the second one was alexander.. so it isn’t the second time that dara was picked by alexander… it was just her second time being pick by a U kiss member which Alexander..

  11. I thought Alexander likes Bom? No?

  12. Kevin is the one who first confessed his fanboying…
    This is the first time Alexander chosed her…maybe because Kevin did it first…haha…rivalry?

  13. I think it was kevin who chose dara first it the O and X game.
    I did not know that xander picked here twice. Is there a video?? ^^,

  14. I think it was kevin who chose dara first it the O and X game.
    I did not know that xander picked here twice. I think this is the first time..^^,

  15. is there a video of it..

  16. ..y cant i find the first 1..:))wer..:))

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