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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “A woman who enjoys the cultural life. I watched the play #Manitoz~”

Dara went to Daehak-ro  to watch the play #Manitoz. She also mentioned that she was not able to take a photo with P.O. because all the photos she took would not save. She most probably went there to support Block B’s P.O. who stars in the said play. ^_^

Source: @krungy21

Fanboys: [Updated with Subs] Block B adores Dara <3

Remember this post -> Dara mentioned in Block B Leader Zico’s rap? 😀Check out the subbed video below. Block B Leader Zico mentions Dara in his freestyle rap around the 1:24 mark. “If I’m 2NE1, I’m Sandara… You can’t ever win against me”

And now, we have his bandmates fanboying over Dara, too! P.O.‘s phone wallpaper is Dara’s photo and Jaehyo has Dara socks ❤ Proud fanboys! Keep the love coming! ❤ Dara’s mentioned in the video at the 3:48 mark.

Screencap by: Hollister_sy @ twitter

Caption reads: “2NE1’s Goddess Sandara Park” (credit: WeLoveDara)


Credits: @youtube + Hollister_Sy + @youtube + WeLoveDara 

Thanks to: DALMALAVA +   Hollister_Sy +  WeLoveDara + LetsPlay2NE1  + Nicol + lonelysnowgirl