Dara and CL! ❤ I believe that they are two unique, vastly different individuals, who share a beautiful friendship, camaraderie, and respect.. ❤ Fighting ChaeRa / DarLin! ❤13329121_228340020885514_289562750_n (1)



Sources: daraxxicn + daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram+Weibo: Pajama Girl Dara and Sexy Lady CL Take Cute and Swag Poses by a Pool" (1)

  1. Sometimes, I wish that Dara was born ordinary looking that way she, at least, makes an effort to dress more stylishly in clothes that suit her petite height, thin body frame, and mature age and make sure that her hair and make up brings out her best features everytime she appears in public. I know that she knows her fans get elated when they see her doll herself up that I don’t know why it’s so hard to do so. Why does she show herself in public looking like a pubescent boy, a homeless person or a clown? Doesn’t she have any sense of pride at all in being a celebrity or an actress? Doesn’t she wants her fans to feel proud about the time and effort she makes to look good when she meets them? My mother have aways told me that how we dress is a sign of respect that’s why dress codes are important facets of etiquette. She added that this is especially more implrtant when you’re with the people you love like when you’re married. At this stage when she’s starting on her career as an actress she really should make all the effort to put her best foot forward at all times because the public’s first impression really last a long time and is not easily changed. If you read recent comments from netizens they’re starting to say how her beauty’s been wasted by poor image management. I don’t know with Korea but in my country our actors and actresses even attend personality development classes to learn how to project and protect their image very well because as a product their image is an important part of branding. I know she said in a recent interview that she doesn’t listen to what other people say about her style. I hope that she thinks about it because some of this so called other people are her fans and they’re her buying public. I hope she noticed how she’s not marketable anymore as the crazy, cute, and tomboyish idol because there are now more idols who are younger than her that have this image. It’s not unique now as it was in 2009 and she’s still stuck in that era when everyone else including her members have changed to a more mature and sophisticated style to suit their age and marked their growth. I really hope she knows it’s more respectable and elegant to act and look like one’s age. If she can’t stomach acting and looking like 31 years old can she at least try 26? Age should be faced with dignity.

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