Hey guys! Our friends from @ChaeraWorld are doing a birthday project for Dara! ^_^ 

If you are from the Philippines, here’s how to order their Commemorative T-Money Card:


2. Payment can be made via Paypal (preferred) or ML Kwarta Padala


If you want to pay through ML Kwarta Padala, please indicate in your e-mail so that I can send you the details on how you can send your money.

3. Please e-mail proof of payment to the same e-mail account.

4. Each T-Money card is Php450 pesos

5. Deadline will be on October 7 at midnight. Orders after such time will no longer be accepted. Thank you!!!


Comments on: "HOW TO ORDER: ChaeraWorld’s Sandara Park 31st Birthday Project – Commemorative T-Money Card" (10)

  1. Hi! I just want to get an update when I’ll be receiving my T-Money card. I am from the Philippines. I will be in Korea in February. It will be great if I use the T-money card when I go there. I hope the card reach me on time. ^_^ Thanks!

    btw, I love the new wallpaper!

    Keep it up!

    • Hello! The T-money cards were already delivered to the Philippines, and according to EMS tracker, it’s already with the Philippine post.. ^_^ But I haven’t received it yet, as of now.. I’m doing my best to update with PhilPost, but they say that post gets really troublesome after the holidays.. Will update you guys ASAP about it.. ^_^

  2. hi! i’ve sent an email..i’m just waiting for confirmation then i’ll send my payment..thanks.. 🙂

  3. The deadline for the orders is today, Oct. 7th. When is the deadline of payment?

  4. i just saw this… is this closed already? 😦

  5. blackjackdaniels said:

    Guys, a lot of CL fans are really taking a dig at dara on Tumblr right now. Even in youtube and i don’t know why. Can someone please explain to me?

  6. redstilleto said:

    No Birthday Project for Dara from OH DARA?

  7. If they ask “How many T-Money Cards do you want to order?” . How much I should order if I from Malaysia ?

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