This is it Blackjacks! It’s time to do our part to help the girls that we love dearly and sincerely during their comeback!

Thank you so much to ShaneGomez from OneHallyu for this compilation!

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Click the link below for more!!!

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Comments on: "Admin Post: Tutorial on How Blackjacks can Help in 2NE1’s Comeback" (53)

  1. kindly check this review girls πŸ™‚ i think it’s interesting

  2. where’s CBH MV? T T been waiting like ages.

  3. ysabelle said:

    where’s the MV?

  4. Ehhh!!!! still can’t find their album on genie so I decided to uninstall that app. I’m sorry πŸ˜–πŸ˜­

  5. What do group purchase do? Was is like getting a discounted price when bulk buying?

    Physical album will be release on March 7, isn’t it the digital download is the one being majorly use for chart rankings?

    This is how for M Countdown:

  6. Hurry guys, you can pre-order their album at Yesasia already. Bought mine already. Come on let’s support the girls!

  7. May I ask what is the very best site to order a physical album?
    I have always ordered mine from YG site but I want to order now from a site that will count the most… like… will ordering from Hanteo helps the girls more in Gaon, Music Bank, etc. than YesAsia? <- something like that. I just wanna know which is the most useful site that is all.
    Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put in. ^_^

  8. Physical download can now be pre-ordered:

    Are the official online site where you can purchase them & have them shipped. FYI there will be additional standard shipping fee. Some important reminders are also indicated in the sites mentioned.

    For android users wanting to install Genie App:
    Go to Playstore >> Go to Apps >> search Genie or Genie Kpop

    I saw someone asking regarding the Soribada in English if it counts purchasing there. Answer: Yes it does but I don’t think they have 2ne1 Crush available there yet.

    Just helping. Peace out!

  9. Group purchase, please!

  10. i hope there’s a group purchase here for this album? from philippines…i really want to buy ^_^

  11. @anjel how did you find their album? I can’t still find it in genie app 😦

  12. REMEMBER how long and hard Dara promoted this album..We need to tell the world that this sweet angel has a freaking the WHOLE WORLD behind her..<333

  13. GUYS…Just do it in ITUNES..If Genie isnt working for you. I am listening to it right now. GO GO GO BLACKJACKS…

  14. It’s not on genie app yet 😦 or google play. And I’m dying to download it ughhh and I’m in Vegas

    • Just go to iTunes instead.

      • I have an Android that’s why. But genie finally showed the album and was able to download it πŸ™‚

        • As long as you have iTunes on your laptop or computer you can buy songs from them. How is the payment when you purchase it on genie?

          • Yeah i have an android tablet too lol that’s why itunes wouldn’t work for me but luckily genie finally worked. You buy each song at a time and it’s $1.29 each or something like that.

  15. I can’t find the new songs in genie app! T_T

  16. @iamGlife…How does group buying work..and is it worth it more or something..I am about to get mine on Itunes at this moment

    • I actually bought it on iTunes already but will buy the physical copy if ever they’re planning to do a group purchase.

  17. what a bunch of retarded kids. so basicaly use every trick to inflate the views and popularity. if your shit group is really good don’t cheat. and it will rise naturally. meanwhile enjoy social media popularity

  18. who’s buying group purchase for the US?….let me know

  19. oh my god..Guys, did you guys Dara’s voice in the unplugged version of “come back home”..I was like, Who is that?…SHE NAILED..I am soo proud of her

  20. I’ve dowloaded genie already. Most of the songs in the kpop genie chart are from SM. Isn’t that weird? LOL! I’m definitely gonna buy the songs of 2ne1 πŸ™‚

  21. Are we going to do a group purchase for the album?

  22. What’s the time of the release?

  23. I tried to download the genie app but it says it’s not available in U.S.A so what can I do????

  24. What time does it go out? So excited!

  25. i don’t have android phones,,,and its in korean right so how can you buy from it,,,I’m in dubai,,,do you think where is the best site to buy their physical album?

  26. btw, if you can, please buy first the 2 title songs before buying the digital album.

  27. i have downloaded Genie App but when i try to log-in using Twitter or Facebook it says not available in my country. Im from the Philippines.

    Does purchasing the songs and albums on Soribada english site count to charts?

    • Really? I don’t know but I am from the Philippines too and it works for me. Hmmm….

      • Really??? that sucks. i already uninstalled and installed it again but to no avail TT_TT did u do something special with ur settings?

        • Nothing really. I just downloaded it and it works. I wonder why it doesn’t for you. Random people from the US can’t download it too.

          • it’s quite frustrating. i managed to register a melon acct too but whenever i try to stream it just asks me to download the plugin over and over. ugh!
            it seems my support will be on itunes and physical album.

  28. Genie? I’m downloading it right now😍 2ne1 and Blackjacks, fighting!! πŸ™Œ

  29. ladyinadvance said:

    @OHDARA Genie K-pop is i think not available here in UAE :((. ive tried searching that as well 😦

  30. this is very helpful, thank you very much! πŸ˜€

  31. redstilleto said:

    Can we do a group purchase for the album?

  32. ladyinadvance said:

    I tried searching it but the one that appears only is “GENIE PACIFIC MAGAZINES PTY LTD”.. 😦 Or is it the same

  33. we need to get them onto the billboard chart! genie app is only available to a few countries. mine’s not included.

  34. Jeaners_Stan said:

    thank you… but i cant find Genie app on google playstore 😦

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