So so bright! *.*











Credit: starN

Comments on: "Photos: 140117 Press photos of Dara Attending the “Nut Job: The Peanut Thieves” Premiere" (6)

  1. there is something in her hair that she always hide…. ottokeee im getting more excited for the album release and the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they’ll release an MV for one of their songs in the album! yeheyyyy!

  2. anita_linda10 said:

    They should make Dara as a Smile Ambassador!! Her smile is just so beautiful and so bright and you just can’t help but feel happy and smile also!!!

  3. i don’t like her makeup in these pics- it makes her face look a little weird

  4. Mmm she looks cute but her outfit looks kinda quirky! Still like it but don’t love the socks/shoe part.

  5. She is just the cutest! ^o^ I love that she has a natural brown hair color~~ it brings out her youthfulness the best ^___________^

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