If you guys noticed, in the past few days, new names have been posting updates in OhDara… We are very happy to announce that our family has grown bigger!!! ^_^

Please help us in welcoming OhDara/WeLoveDara’s Newest Admins:


Comments on: "Admin Post: Welcome to OhDara/WeLoveDara’s Newest Admins" (10)

  1. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Welcome to the new admins of this site, DARLICIOUSX, CARMELASEPSIA and PRINCESSEXXI. 🙂

    Welcome, new admins and congratulations on being part of this group/site. 🙂

  2. Welcome to the family. kkkk~

  3. *throws confetti! Welcome and congratulations! @DARLICIOUSX, @CARMELASEPSIA AND PRINCESSEXXI!!!

  4. Jjang admins jjang! 🙂 looking forward to more Dara updates from you guys.. ^_^

  5. @DARLICIOUSX, @CARMELASEPSIA and PRINCESSEXXI, Aloha and Welcome to the best site for all things Dara in the world! I look forward to reading and feeling your excitement as you help us to journey with our precious Dara. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to serve along side a group of angels who continue to share any news about Dara round the clock. Admin, Daralings Fighting!

  6. Ah, welcome! Thank you for this wonderful site. After releasing disappointment and stress yesterday in the safety of this site I find myself now able to listen and enjoy 2NE1’s MY song for the beauty that it is. OhDara is the best in its support of our goddess. *bows*

  7. Welcoming @darliciousx, @carmelasepsia, @princessxxi. All for our dear Dara.

  8. Hey guyz, welcome here in oh-dara! I hope u can update us with more interesting news, and also more patient to us (daralings). Enjoy writing and updating us, figthing! ^_^

  9. congratz admins,,ahm i know this is out of topic,,but can you help me guys- how to buy their songs from melon,,it’s all in hangul,,if you guys can provide tutorial so that it will be easy to buy their songs,,wanna support them,,as in,,,

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