With your donations, San Union was able to prepare gifts, flowers, cakes and more for Dara! ^_^ Also included in the delivery are the various gifts from different fansites such as ParkSiblings and DaraParkPH. ^_^




San Union had various Dara Birthday Subway Ads posted up at Hongdae and Sinchon Subway Stations in Seoul! ^_^

Time and time again, we would like to thank our Donors for helping us out! 


Click the link below for more photos!




Comments on: "Admin Post: San Union Celebrates Dara’s 30th Birthday (Part 2)" (21)

  1. dara birthday is 11/12/13 cool ❤️👉👈 thats why dara park is so amazing and you guys are super amazing

  2. Does the messages that the fans left here was included in the gifts?..the ones that was told to be included in surprise gift?..hope it is >__< cause it will be the only closest gift i can ever give to her to my afford aside thru SNS:) i love dara so much and its my simplest way to show my heartfelt appreciation and love to her.

  3. Daralings are really awesome.,so proud to be a daraling

  4. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Thank you so much, Sandara Union (San Union)! 🙂 Wow! That’s a good idea! 🙂 Thank you so much for making this all possible for the love of Sandara.

    For those who are asking: As far as I know, San Union or Sandara Union is a group of Sandara Park Fans (Daralings) around the world. Oh My Goddess (Korean Fansite) and this one, Oh Dara (International Fansite) are both members of Sandara Union, right? 😉 Both of the fan groups are awesome! There are other members too. Who are the other members? Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

    There are also other Sandara Park Fan Groups out there who are not yet affiliated with Sandara Union. Like Dara Park PH which I think is also a good Sandara Park Fan Group. I’m not sure about this, please correct me if I’m wrong. 😀 They are all awesome!

    Anyway, let’s just all keep on supporting Sandara (Dara) Park and 2NE1! 🙂

    And yeah! Advance Happy Birthday to the Princess/Queen of K-Pop, Sandara Park! 🙂

  5. @

  6. waiting for the second part 😀

  7. What san union? Is it organization or something haven’t heard of it before..

  8. WOW! What can I say…Daralings are so awesome. The poster looks classy and is like a movie poster!

  9. Awesooomee!!!!!

  10. i like the idea..u guys r awes0me..gud j0b..

  11. wow. you guys are really awesome! ❤

  12. angel's wings said:

    waaahhhhh! why only now? i was in korea just last weekend!!! too bad i didn’t get to see it… =( but m so happy for the effort… thank you beautiful peeps! and advance happy birthday to our lovely sandara ♥♥♥

  13. Unique gift ideas said:

    Nice job guys 🙂 We should plant a tree for Dara’s birthday in Korea!!Planting trees is the perfect Eco Birthday Gift<3

  14. WOW!!!

  15. San Union really daebakk 😀

  16. mollycoddle said:

    that’s amazing! way to celebrate dara’s birthday with a big bang! (geddit? haha)

  17. San Union Jjang Jjang Jjang!!!… thanks to SAN UNION!

  18. angel00007 said:

    Wow!! San Union is the best!…

  19. wow you guys rock. awesome 👍 it just shows how amazing awesome dara fans are

  20. Omg you guys are amazing :))

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