So cute! ^_^ For some reason her voice deepens when she speaks in english! ^_^

Credit: kcmassive

Comments on: "Instavid: Dara Greets UK Fans in English at KBEE 2013" (7)

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  2. She sounds like Cheondung oppa 🙂

  3. Woah, finally, she talks a lot more in events like this. CL should give way to other members to talk sometimes and encourage them more, because often, CL i guess worries as a leader that they won’t talk that’s why she takes the responsibility to talk and well, talk all the way through and answering questions for other members, but I don’t think bom and dara would not talk because they’re fluent in English. Just more push from CL and YG, i think, because Dara and Bom are naturally shy when it comes to talking in public especially in formal interviews. COMEBACK now 2ne1! Dara is becoming lot lot cooler than she already is!!!hehe… She got that Filipino accent alright!!! But it’s cool, and it appears she’s not trying to speak english slang, I’m proud of her for that.

  4. Dara’s english has a Filipino sound and it’s cute on her.

  5. love her English speaking voice!!!

  6. I love her voice!

  7. radulińa said:

    yes her voice is deeper i really love when she speaks english she’s so cool! hehe

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