Congratulations Team A for winning the final battle! A job well done! To Team B, this is not the end! I’m pretty sure that YG has plans for you guys! You also did an awesome job! You both are WINNERS! With that, we have no doubt!

According to fan-accounts, Dara cried when the winner was announced. While I am sure Dara is happy for Team A, her heart goes out to Team B as well!

To everyone, FIGHTING!

Click the link below for more videos!

GD & WIN ‘Crooked’

‘CLIMAX’ Team B Self-Composition

Shake The World + Turn Up The Music – Team B Dance Battle

‘GO UP’ Team A Self-Composition

Don’t Stop Your Music – Team A Dance Battle

Just Another Boy – Team B

Just Another Boy – Team A

Official Missing You (Lee Hi & Akdong Musician & Bang Yedam)

Self-Composition – Team B Preparation

Self-Composition – Team A Preparation

Team B Preparation for Battle

Team A Preparation for Battle

Don’t Stop The Music – Team A Dance Preparation

Support Message from YG Family Youngest


Credit: ii pum + Aeuy Brin

Comments on: "Video: 131025 “WIN: Who Is Next?” Episode 10 Final Battle – YG Family" (5)

  1. BunnieUnnie said:

    I’m in tears… It’s hard to celebrate when you see someone in tears..TT.TT..I just hope that YG ssajangnim would not disband Team B and debut them at the right time. cross fingers*

  2. Imso disappointed with the result .. seriously YG is weird.. I know it defends on the voting result though. still disappointed.. :/ btw, Dara Nuna always beautiful as ever,

  3. this is weird.. I thought Team B gonna win this.. :/ Team B, I think will attract more fans coz they r all good looking.. :/ geez

  4. yeah you r right,i can’t help but cry,hope yg ceo will promote both team,I saw some fans were really sad,they both love these young goodlooking guys,fighthing.

  5. I watched this live stream without understanding a thing~ but still it left me under depressed mode… As much as I love Team A, Team B’s tears totally broke my heart… Its a competition that made everyone sad… Sigh~

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