Weeee! ^_^ Its been delivered!

Your San Union Admins prepared another project for Dara and 2NE1. Honestly, this project was supposed to be for the release of 2NE1’s next song but due to the fact that Daralings (and your admins) felt that Dara was feeling a little lonely lately, we decided to push the project earlier and have a little “Be Happy Dara” Project.

Our only wish is for Dara and 2NE1 to be happy and feel our love. ^_^

This project includes food support, health food support as well as flowers for Dara and 2NE1!

Daralings, we hope San Union did you proud once again! ^_^ Dara, we hope you know how much we love you. Daralings will always be here to support you and patiently wait for you without any form of judgment but with lots of love and understanding. Fighting!

Once again, thank you so much to OH MY GODDESS and @OMG_SANDAR for making this project possible! ❤



Dara Tweet




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Comments on: "Project: San Union Prepares Another Food Support, Health Food and Flower Project for Dara and 2NE1" (25)

  1. congrats admin.. you really are the best.. 😉

  2. anita_linda10 said:

    Kudos to Dara fansites for always bringing happiness not only to Dara but also to all 2ne1 members and staff. Admin, I read your tweet one time that you don’t want to feel the other members feel left out and I admire and respect you more for that. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I always visit OD for Dara and 2ne1 updates and I would love to contribute to your future projects. Just keep us posted admin and we will try to help in our own little way. SAN UNION IS THE BEST!!!!

  3. San union is the BEST! Dara’s so lucky to have united fansites! Daralings are always showing their love to Dara and Dara’s always returning the love! Count me in to participate in future projects if you ask for it!

    • Thank you so so so much for your willingness to participate! ^^ 2NE1’s concert is coming up as well as Dara’s birthday. We will need all the help we can get at that time.

  4. Thank you for representing us blackjacks in a way 🙂 (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C) San Union You guyz are the best!

  5. Dara fans are the sweetest and jjang jjang jjang!!!!!!

  6. San Union you guys are DAEBAK!!! Thanks for making our Darling Dara happy and smiling with the gifts and flowers you send her. GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS!!!

  7. This is very sweet of you guys..keep up the good work to make our goddess happy!daralings unite!!:))

  8. aawwww~ you guys are the best =3 this is so heartwarming ❤ so proud of you guys!

  9. the box are they food ryt!! thnzk as always.she likes the flowers so beautiful.
    so kindhearted people 4 who doing this ~~~~figthtting))()))blackjck♥♥♥

  10. How can we donate?keep posting pls.thanks!

    • We will be posting ways to donate when Dara’s birthday or 2NE1’s concert will be announced! ^_^ Thank you so much for your interest.

  11. Congratulations San Union! Thank you for always working so hard for Dara! ❤

  12. So sweet ❤ San Union & Daralings jjang ^^

  13. Awww.. That’s so sweet! Congrats san union!

  14. I really admire DARA’S fans 4 their love & dedication,you guys are the best fans in the world,how can i contribute to your project i live in U.S.A. i don’t mind cheap in a little bit just 4 d cuz of DARA and 2NE1 whenever you have a project..

    • Hello! ^^ 2NE1’s concert as well as Dara’s birthday is coming up and for that we will really need A LOT of donations. T_T When the right time comes, we will be posting information about how you can donate. We would really appreciate your help! ❤

  15. dara’s fans are the best!!!!

  16. SAN UNION IS THE BEST!~~~those flowers are very pretty just like Dara unnie!~~~<3<3<3

  17. San union! Gosh! Im soo hapy.. You guys love dara sooo much!.. Thank you for making her happy! Daralings are jjang!

  18. Sandara Stark said:

    Thank you to San Union on behalf of all Daralings! Keep up the good work!

  19. AlohaDara said:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and love for Dara and the rest of 2NE1. I know she is greatful for all that you do!

  20. sweetest idol have the sweetest fans, awww! ❤
    what does the note in the flowers say? english trans juseyo~ ^.^

  21. rudriguezruth said:

    Awww! That so thoughtful and sweet of you daralings!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hopethe girls are happy!!!! Fighting

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