You still look sexy *.* And cute

Those legs~ OMG *.*

I still would have liked to see you in a Porororo diving suit Darong!! Hehe

sadsdsadsa ewea


Screencaps by @ForeverWithDara

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo/Line: Dara explains the reason why she didn’t wear a bathing suit" (10)

  1. dara is wearing a budweiser mini dress….while the girls wear swimsuit….

  2. Big boobs looks awkward in a petite body,just enough to match her,yet she looks sexy and hot in her mysterious way to show herself,thats adds to her appeal to more fanboys,i remember PTH swimmer with big built,he said she love her small,fragile and petite body,and a lot of her athlete fanboys so curious about her mysterious appeal,despite her age,she is stunning,gorgeous and hot…just being herself…no need to SHOW off…

  3. Whyyyyyyyyyyy???? I was looking forward to it :'((((

  4. Sunrise Angel said:

    Wut???i don’t understand what she means? D:
    Dat ball pool set… is YG/mv director thinking?!!ugh…Hey YG, we want sexy Dee back( like in ILY mv/ kiss mv)!!!!!!

  5. anita_linda10 said:

    I guess she was referring to the Double Park radio where they were discussing her Boob size kekekeke…but whatever Darong…you are sexy in whatever you wear…

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      Gosh…those cowards always bullied her…sigh…There’s absolutely nothing wrong with small boobs(models,ballet dancers,etc)!!!My friend once said the only reason why those bullies like them are around is because its illegal to shoot them!!sigh…btw, God hate plastic body/bullies!!!

  6. See this is why I love Dara becuz she is so adorable, and she has her own way of fun(obviously) DARA, I JUST WANNA CUDDLE WITH HER!!!!

  7. i didn’t quite understand the reason? LMAO. someone enlighten me. LOL

  8. What does she mean?

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