These three are such dorks! Kekeke~ While Dara was being sentimental and was talking their radio show experience today, Minzy and Bom kept laughing at her typo! She typed “Jara” instead of “Dara” LOL! It was such a cute mistake and Minzy and Bom can’t get over it! Dorks!!! <333 I hope we’ll see the four of them be their crazy selves on Line next time! ^^






More of their crazy convo below! ^^

SC20130715-230801 SC20130715-230808





Source: 2NE1’s Line
Screencaps by: OhDara


Comments on: "Line: Dara Talks About 2NE1’s Radio Guesting; Bom and Minzy Laughs at Dara’s Typo" (6)

  1. hihi can anyone help me? i’ve already found 2NE1 english account on LINE but it doesn’t show me any of their conversations. i only see and have a message with a picture of the first falling in love teaser pic? how do i get it to update or did i do something wrong

  2. lmao!!! too funny they are silly

  3. Ssandara Park and now Jara & Dari~~ wahahahah! these 2 bullying Dara-unnie~ so cute!! wahahahah

  4. i wonder whats Cl’s reaction to all of this

  5. 3skelion said:

    minzy is godd in english now?

  6. lol! i want to see them trying so hard to hold their laughter while Teddy is looking at them, clueless on what’s going on woth those crazy girls, hahahahahaha! they are soooo cute!

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