By now we all know how Dara works out so earnestly ^^ 

And it’s always nice of Ssabunim to share photos~ Especially funny ones like this ^__^

Hwang Hwang2




Source: Hwangssabu

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Hwangssabu is watching Dara: ‘The Loneliness of self-discipline’" (7)

  1. Ah…working out darong..fighting

  2. SHE’S SAFE :)))

  3. um he looks like a creeper.. taking a picture without her knowing..

  4. Sweetie Dee said:

    SANDARA PARK FIGHTING!!!!Thanks Master Hwang!!

  5. kekeke!~~~hwangssabu always watching!..OMG ssabunim your pores..O.O~~~

  6. nHurs89 said:

    #oppa hwangsabu# image# funny 2 scary!!
    dara unnie is watching infinite chanlenge.i think(correct me if i’m wrong)

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