OMG!!! Dara was looking super cute today!! She looked like a fresh basketball player with her Bulls’ jersey, and unique  Piers Atkinson Slashed and Reassembled Baseball cap she was wearing on the picture from Fake Tokyo (Nippon Candy) after their Dazed and Confused photoshoot ^^

BLCaURUCMAAbO6r.jpg large

BLCWZ6DCMAAzByE.jpg large

BLCXfwNCQAA1giJ.jpg large

BLCYLw5CYAA2Pew.jpg large

BLCUZ4ZCAAAzEzs.jpg large

BLEsZL4CEAAfy0A.jpg large


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Comments on: "Photos: 132405 Fan-taken pictures of fresh basketball girl Dara at Korea University Festival" (6)

  1. whatever she wears looks good on her..oh goddess dara!!

  2. anne 03 said:

    so simple yet so beautiful….defines Dara at all.

  3. Dara wearing a Derrick Rose jersey!! I love her even more!

  4. Dara with a big chicago bulls jersey and a super cute cap i love it. She’s really so adorable. Dara i said this so million times already but really ur so beautiful.

  5. reminds me of i don’t care days..where the girls wear fun things!

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