Oh Dara, you aren’t just kawaii. You look so pretty and beautiful and lovely and cute in this photo! <333 Pretty Goddess is pretty. T_T


DARA:  “All Blackjack Nolza~ This is 2NE1’s 2013 calendar… hmmmm.. Me…. ^^;;;; Cute, right???”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Dara – “This is 2NE1’s 2013 Calendar~ Kawaii?”" (13)

  1. suteki desu:) sugoku kawaii!!!! yo’re so pretty dara ^^

  2. gorgeous unnie! gorgeous!! <3~~~

  3. I agree @loxie that’s true! But pls don’t misunderstand us hehe. Maybe this is Korean style romaji hmmm?

  4. Yikes I wish Dara would do some research before posting foreign languages because misspellings are cringe worthy. ^^;;

    minasang should be minna-san
    neng should be nen
    korewa should be kore wa

    Some people might think she’s not showing enough respect to the language. It’s nice that she’s trying to reach out to foreign fans but a little more care and effort wouldn’t hurt. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.

    • AlohaDara said:

      understood. hopefully her fans will understand that she is still learning the language. and that when you learn a second language, people will be understanding and patient for you.

      • Sandara Stark said:

        Very well said. 🙂 And in learning a foreign language the effort is what is appreciated. And we should encourage her to gain the confidence she needs so that in no time she’ll have a better grasp of the new language and share it with us.

  5. really beautiful 🙂

  6. N0t just cute 🙂 s000 pretty

  7. daisang said:

    just wow!!!!!!!!! those eyelashes makes more dara look beautiful and young… just wow

  8. kahra0513 said:

    OMAGHAD!!!! so geourgeous…
    those eyes are sparkling and your smile…. awwww

  9. angel's wings said:

    so pretty… ethereal beauty =)

  10. she’s sooo pretty and looks young on this pic.. ツ

  11. pretty….dara fighting! heheh

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