OMG!!! It’s been so long since we’ve seen them! And my, they look so so gorgeous and well rested!!! ♥♥♥

Dara is literally glowing o(╥﹏╥)o 

Her smile is just ♥


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Comments on: "Press Photos(01/23/12): 2NE1 (sans CL) at “Berlin” VIP premiere" (31)

  1. Dara’s choice of clothes are simple yet very stylish! Her styles are something that career women like me will opt to follow and wear! Loove it!

  2. 2NE1SHABAM said:

    Pagkagwapa nalang jud ni Dara!

  3. I just love what they’re wearing, all of them..Bom bom bom so sexy! damn!
    Spring Dara jjang! glowing Mingkki..

  4. wow! dara is so pretty as well as bom and minzyahh..
    and suju members are also there…
    i hope they can have new song !!!!Fighting-@-

  5. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Hi Admins!!! Can we update this with complete Dara solo shots. You can find all of the photos here: Her photos are too precious to not be shared. Thanks!

  6. Im sorry. This may sound stupid but I don’t understand why they’re at Berlin’s movie premiere. Do they know someone from that movie? I mean, who are they supporting??

  7. Dara unnie looking stunning! Bommie wowowie! & Minzy is blooming into a beautiful lady! i hope CL was there too..

  8. Is that all of it ?? Lol in my opinion Dara has more solo shots .. Than the 2 ?? Wonder why
    And btw bom is pretty and we know she is sexy but her cloths today ?? I can see her bra !! And her shorts is too small so she had a hard time walking in the stairs
    They all look beautiful and minzy and getting prettier ..
    Dara is so colorfull ! She is the only one who wore bright colors they all wear black !

  9. OMG their heels! Dara is pretty as always 🙂 Bom’s legs are to die for Minzy is cute, love her hair.

  10. daramaegon said:

    dara is beautiful and stunning, whatever clothes she wear even d simplest one she stood up amongst the rest, she’s indeed a goddess of beauty and youth,saranghae dee^__^

  11. wow… my SUJU boys were there too,i like the pairing…DARAHAE,SIBOM AND KANGZY,i want DARA and DONGHAE in drama, i notice that DARA and DONGHAE has similarities,the shape of their face, the bubbly DARA and the cool DONGHAE.I hope they will have more interaction.

  12. so glad to see 2ne1 come out…they need more activities and exposure…
    everyone’s pretty! but ..just can’t help but say…bom..we all know she’s sexy no need to try toooo hard..doesn’t look good.

  13. the girls are in europe now?

  14. yey for dara’s killer heels 😀

  15. That's_what_she said:

    So great to see them, they lookin ready for a comeback;) Hurry back CL! I bet she’ll bring some amazing gifts home for the girls, OT4 forever!

  16. Looking at Dara i get a feeling that spring is already there *_* so fresh ~
    Bommie you sexy killer xD
    Minkki as always as sweet as ever >,<

  17. I’m inlove with Dara’s shoes but I would NEVER wear those.
    They all look perfect

  18. Poongpoong said:

    Oh and can we mention that donghae, siwon, and kangin were there too? It’s like a group date with darahae, sibom and kangzy(?) LOL. Sorry about that. Ignore my post hahaha

  19. Dara beauty is glowing she is finally a w0man n0w, and b0m 0verflowing sexiness, minzy cl0thes is nice.. Cl she‘s still bz abr0ad…

  20. petitedara said:

    I now can understand why Dara treasures her shoes collection so much. They are amazing… Dara’s taste is really great. Anyway too much sexiness in Bom’s outfits, her see-through top, and her ‘short’ short….and I think, 2ne1 stylist should experience more on Minzy….

  21. omo…she’s reallllllyyyy gorgeous and glowing!!!

  22. CL in london ^^ @sweetdara_12

  23. sweetdara_12 said:

    where’s CL? she’s not back yet? awwww.. i miss theeeemm.. TT_TT

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