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(A/N: No shipping comments please! Thank you!)

Comments on: "HD Photos: 121229 Beautiful Dara and G-Dragon at SBS Gayo Daejun" (30)

  1. nono hojo said:

    shelook cxrazy lol

  2. lol…those are temporaray tattoos, everyone..hehehe…DARA IS GLOWING!!! WTF!!!! AND YEAH…see the contrast..it’s like good and bad on stage..wahaha…i love the pics!!!

  3. dara skin is soooooooooooo milkyyy, and GD looks hot in tanned skin.. btw 2ne1 shoes are all the same at gayo, and i don’t think gd and dara’s shoes are the same *for those who saying* , and no, not all tattoo is real, some are fake just for the performance purpose, hehehe..

  4. Is it me or just that Dara’s legs almost blend with OD’s white background?! XD smexy D!

  5. Wherever Dara goes she takes the light with her!!!

  6. oh my goddess!!!! WOW DARA SO FLAWLESS 🙂

  7. even from afar, gosh darling dara so flawless….*_*

  8. some of the tattoos were just temp tattoos of gd, only for the said performance/stage. I think the last one he got was the 2 Xs on his tummy.

  9. GD’s tattoo is starting to look so messy… or may be just like what others have said may be it’s because he’s beside Dara whose skin is so flawless LOL

  10. I am still amazed on how great Dara’s skin is. Her skin is so even from head to toe and she looks glowing.

  11. they wear the same shoe

  12. That was actually a quick, short walk across the stage but every photo captures how expressive her face,her glances,her moves are start to finish! Dara, you are so very ready to star in the RomCom of your dreams! I am seriously praying for that day with you in an acting project!!

  13. They’re really beautiful and handsome tho’, the both of them are so out of this world (not shipping LOL) DARA’S SKIN. Can I have it? She literally glows!

  14. whoa! is that a skin of a human.. goddess indeed!
    she’s like a total package.. gahd goddess dee makes me gay..

  15. Dara is just beautiful full stop. As much as I love GD, he has too many tattoos ><

    • Dara’s milky porcelain skin FTW!:)) I agree…………:* a couple of tattoos is fine….but too many tattoos bridge the gap of sexiness to looking dirty T___T ahuuuuuu sorry GD my love!

  16. GDroccthamic said:

    Dara is so fresh and so clean next to the swagged out bad azz G-Dragon. It’s like good and evil on each shoulder….and my eyes are bouncing back and forth debating which one I want to stare at longer.

  17. oh my the shoes x_x

  18. Oh my god her skin! Saying that her skin is flawless is an understatement. Bloody hell, she glows! She’s ethereal. A goddess indeed. No wonder her fanboys can’t look away from her. I think i sounded too much of a fangirl. I’m just gonna go now…

  19. Dara is so gorgeous and GD is so hot… Flawless stage!

  20. oh their shoes

  21. Dara’s complexion is really out of this world! Seriously jealous!^^

  22. Its like Milo and Milk LMAO 😀

  23. I super love the first pic! She’s hella seductive!!!

  24. GD looked so non-korean beside Dara because of his dark skin colour lol. this is not a shipping comment

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