Spiffy Hyosup replied to a fan on Twitter and told her that Dara is the best. That she is, Spiffy oppa, that she is. ^^ I just love their friendship! ❤


Source: @spiffyhyosup



Comments on: "Screencap: Spiffy Hyosup (@spiffyhyosup) – “Dara is the Best of the Best”" (8)

  1. epic username!!!! hahaha…if she’s not with etude, i hope she goes to tonymoly…hahaha

  2. belle_2ne1 said:

    what i love the most here is.. …JAEJOONGDARA!!!coz Jaejoong is one of my dream guy for my GODDESS D!….hope many followers of Jaejoong read this… LOL!

  3. If D isn’t with Etude anymore, I hope that they’ll still hang out or work together on another project. More projects for both of them! 🙂

  4. Who’s this spiffy guy??? I’ve never heard of him?

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