Awwww! T_T We really hope that there is more! Please let there be more!!! Dara-yan, there are so many Blackjacks all over the world who would kill just to watch your concert! Please give all of us a chance to prove how much we love and support 2NE1! We love love love you and 2NE1!

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, DARA JUST TWEETED MORE WELOVEDARA/OHDARA BEANIES!!!! T_T Yes, I am in experiencing sensory overload right now! I cannot decide whether I should jump up and down with joy or to just cry my heart out! T_T



Check the link below to see the beanies we gave Dara for her birthday! 

photo (6)

photo (5)

Source: @krungy21

Comments on: "Twitter/Photos: Dara (@krungy21) – “Good bye 2NE1 2012 GLOBAL TOUR NEW EVOLUTION”" (3)

  1. Congrats Ladies!! OD/WLD JJang!!
    those beanies are really cute and perfect for Dara!!
    She sure loves it! 😀

  2. beanie OMG ❤ dara getting emotional

  3. Awww i want the black one<33333
    Final global tour in Singapore?Lucky Singapore Blackjacks!!!sigh…
    Keep clam and Love 2NE1!!!!Sweetie Dee HWAITING!!!2NE1 HWAITING!!!!!

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