Dara’s sweet Filipino friends took time to greet our precious birthday girl on Twitter! Weee! Awesome friends for an equally awesome person. Happy birthday Dara! ❤

CHRISTIAN: happy birthday sandara!

NIKKI: Happy happy birthday to you baby @krungy21!!!!!! I love you!

ANA: To the one and only krung krung of the Philippines happy birthday ati!!! @krungy21

Source: @xtianbautista + @nikkikayvee + @halmony88 + @iamANAye + @pokwang27 + @keancipriano

Translated by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLai@OhDara


Comments on: "Twitter: Dara’s Filipino Friends Greet Her a Happy Birthday!" (3)

  1. After reading Pokwang’s tweet, I was like “HOW SWEET!!!” and then I read Kean’s and I went like “KKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! UH MAY GAHD!!” Spazz attack but covering my mouth so I could stop it from shouting non-senses…Kean…Kean…Did Dara Goddess replied??ooohhhwiiie!!

  2. kean greeting Dara transported me back to june2011… a fanboy love confession live in Manila… :p

  3. lol kean greeted darong he is one of dara’s fanboy in the philippines :))

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