Lee Hawkins was the one who interviewed 2NE1 for Wall Street Journal. He tweeted that he connected the most with Dara musically. You can view the interview here

Source: @leehawkins

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  1. Hey YG, we(Dee fans) want her to get more parts/fair lines in 2ne1 songs!!!stop being biased/mean!!remember when she got freakin’ small part in these songs?(10%Dee,30%CL,30%Minzy,30%Bom)= be mine, its hurts,etc!!!He stab us(Dee fans) in the back over and over again(small part, ugly outfit,etc)!!enough is enough!!!ugh T_T what kind of group are they?!!

  2. the guy has just officially creeped me out. he followed dara’s offcial twitter account AND, for some reason he followed a poser’s account too! oh, and did i forget to mention that he DID NOT follow both bom and minzy? so to those who think that the guy is interested in dara and that the “musically connected” thing is nothing but BS… you just might be right!!!

    • noooo…. you mean i’m a creep too?? i did both of them because i really like Dara. And i’m sure its well intentioned. nothing sinister about it

    • i totally agree wid u!!! when i first saw this i was so happy that she’s being praised for her talents but somehow i do believe that he’s really interested in dara…. if he wasn’t interested in dara then he would have followed other members because in interview dara,bom and minzy had the same role they only shook their head right???

  3. I think he’s interested to her he already follow Dara on twitter.

  4. he actually said dara and i am 100% sure he didn’t meant cl because at the beginning they introduce themself…………….. dara said i am sandara!!! i think he was interested in her so that he check out 2ne1 profiles where he found her as dara….. may be he’s trying to show his affection towards her and i also noticed while the whole interview he kept on glancing dara so that she would speak!!

    • Dragonfly87 said:

      Very plausible. Dara is fluent in English and it is (sort of) mandatory to get to know your interviewees before the actual interview (some even provide the questions asked beforehand) so it is possible for him to have talked with Dara a lot.

      And it’s so nice to be able to get more compliments on your talent and interests than just your looks. It just goes to show how much of an all-around entertainer Dara is. Beautiful, charming, wise and talented… Inside and out!!! ❤

      On a side note, I wish Dara would be more confident with her English speaking skills. She's really good at it. ^^, fighting!!!

  5. ckjack_bla said:

    I think it’s because they share a common interest in music and Dara is more talkative offcam. I remember Will.I.am once said that Dara is the loudest one in 2NE1. I can’t imagine coz she’s soft-spoken. However, judging the way she interacts with her close friends (2NE1, Luis Manzano etc.), it’s possible. XD Dara’s character is complex. She’s really unique. LOL

    • really Will.I.Am said that? there’s really a Dara side that we don’t know. But on 2ne1 tv she is talkative but on her interviews she said she’s not so my conclusion is that only Dara thinks it that way, that she doesn’t have much friends and that she’s not like how she is on tv..lol 🙂 confusing but that’s what we love about Dara ❤ she's the type of person who thinks less of herself but look at how many her friends are and it's great that even in that interview she connected with Lee Hawkins, it's like once you meet her you won't forget her.

    • now that you’ve mentioned about the two of them having same interest music, he’s probably into britney too lol.. or those other singers or kinds of music that dara mentioned in her previous interviews.

  6. i think Dara is more comfortable talking to them off-cam.. i saw a glimpse of Dara talking to JS when Danny during their stay in LA.. notice also how Will I am just went to Dara’s side and talked to her during their encore stage..

  7. i think hawkin is a fanboy.. 🙂

  8. can somebody tweet him for an explanation on his intriguing answer?

  9. maybe they talked a bit before or after the interview about music. i guess the girls are not that confident in speaking english on air (except cl), maybe they are nervous to make a mistake. but once off air i’m sure they can talk in english just fine especially dara because we can see that on her tweets, she can write fluently in english. 🙂

  10. thank you so much leehawkins <3333

  11. wow 🙂 amazing.. true Dara have this melody I cant even copy it.. lol

  12. really?,,,,,shocked to see his answer about that….since in his interview that was shown…..CL was the one who did the talking……

    • but it’s good to know that there are also people who connects with dara with music….and not only liking her bec of her beauty

      • maydelluna92 said:

        that’s true,it’s an honor to receive such compliment from a person like Lee Hawkins,,we are proud of you Dee;)

    • tangerine_24 said:

      well maybe he likes pop music more or the mellow type..we really don’t know what happened behind the scene…or maybe he meant CL since it was her who did all the talking 🙂 just guessing..watched the video again and he kept glancing at Dara probably wanting to engage her in the interview or probably just watching her blinking her eyes … she was awkwardly cute…hahahaha

      • I beg to disagree with your comment “or maybe he meant CL since it was her who did all the talking”. Lee Hawkins made a thorough research with the girls so I don’t think he could’ve mistaken their names. It’s true that the rest have stronger voices than she is but how about the knowledge on music itself? Like genre, types of music and all? Maybe the girls and Lee Hawkins had a chit chat off air and he and Dara exchanged infos about those things? And probably that’s the reason why he chose Dara whom he connected musically the most? I’m just guessing here but that maybe the possibility right? Sometimes we tend to see her as only the sweet pretty girl that we see on Tv and we tend to forget her intellectuality. She IS musically gifted. And that’s it.

      • the video itself was just few minutes of interaction. who knows maybe during breaks or off cam he spent more time chatting with dara than the other girls particularly cl. o just dont want to take your comment that it seems dara doesnt excel musicality wise compared with clbominji

        • tangerine_24 said:

          hooowaaa…hold your horses (same with Dona)..I didn’t say she doesn’t excel musicality wise..that’s why I said we don’t know what happened behind the scene…of course I didn’t see them interact except CL so I was just thinking how he knew about Dara’s music preference ..that was all…not even once did it cross my mind to belittle Dara’s abilities and talents..I won’t be her fan for years if I think otherwise 🙂

          • are u really Dee fans?i doubt that!!ugh i F hate fake fans than haters!!!Why they(fake people) always comment about the other girls in Dee’s site!!!so annoying/disrespecful!!!ugh

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