I  love when Dara asks people to follow her! She is just so cute!!! <333 I feel so happy for Dara now that she’s reconnecting with the people she worked with when she was still in the Philippines. Their interactions show how much they care for each other. ♥

DARA: Ate (Noona) Banana ~ Please tell my fellow “Kapamilya” members to follow me ~ so that it will be fun!!!

ANA: Okay okay…

DARA: Including SCQ and other friends~!!! I don’t know your new stars

ANA: Yes Ati, they’re new! I’ll try to send you a photo so that you’ll get to know your brothers and sisters!

DARA: wahahaha!!! Baby brothers and sisters? OMG! I feel so old..Haha I am not updated on Phil. showbiz. I’m curious

ANA: Yes Ati!!! You are their grandmother!!!

DARA: Hul!!!!!!! I don’t like~~~~~~ I want to be Baby Krung 4ever!!! I have a baby face anyway! bwahaha…..

ANA: Ok ok… You can be their Baby Grandmother 

JERRY: Hey Krung. Thank you for following me back. Happy happy

DARA: What are you talking about Kuya (Oppa) Jerry!!! We r family ~ hehe

(T/N: “Kapamilya” is the term used for all the artists in one network in the Philippines called ABS-CBN. Dara used to be part of ABS-CBN.)

Source: @krungy21 + @iamanaye + @JerryVoyage

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara – “Kapamilya, Follow Me!”" (3)

  1. I’m so amazed on how close they are. Dara is probably the most approachable KPop star ever.

  2. Brigittee Sugui said:

    this is funny “uki” in ilocano dialect means vagina.

  3. maydelluna92 said:

    im touched and love dara more,…

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