Source: OH MY GODDESS, @ohmygoddessDARA, @OMG_SANDAR

Comments on: "OMG Fancam: “New Evolution” Concert – Dara Kiss Fancams (Mix)" (5)

  1. omggg!!!! hope those guys update their twitter showing Dara’s kiss mark….reallyyyyyy!!..and i like the 2nd guy da most,,,,i bet, he’s da cutest among them….so much fun unlike the 1st & last guy….they cant handle their nervous! hahahaha!

  2. that second guy is cute! from wat state was he chosen?

  3. waahh i really like the second guy she kissed 🙂

    • BUT the most LUCKIEST guy that dara Kissed is the last guy, kkkkk XD she sat on his lap OMO!! i wonder what’s the reaction of her fanboys XD lol!! [fanboys: NOOO!! I’M Gonna Kill THAT GUY!! XD LMAO!]

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