Kim Ji Hye is a YG Dancer and member of CRAZY. It was her birthday last September 7 and 2NE1 surprised her with a cake! ^_^

Because I was busy with the Japanese concerts I thought that this year I wouldn’t get a birthday cake but.. Uang (Crying sound) T_T Thank you to everyone for the bday wishes ^.^ Thank you to 2NE1 for the surprise cake I love you ♡_♡

Source: @jhs7987; Translated by: theEROMAKNAE

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Kim Ji Hye (@jhs7987) – “Thank you to 2NE1 for the surprise cake I love you”" (5)

  1. she’s 26? she doesn’t look like her age! YG fam,crews totally has a baby face! and wahhhh, 2NE1 really appreciates their dancers 🙂

  2. she’s born in 1987.. so yeah.. she’s really 25. but it’s 26, korean age 🙂 yep. she’s yb’s inag lead dancer on live performance.. she was even rumoured to be with yb coz of their skinship on live performances.. LOL she’s very kind and humble on her interview last 2010. i like yg’s dancers.. hitech male dancers and the crazy female dancers.. they just don’t dance amazingly but they fit the YG fam to the ‘T’. i bet they’re the most famous back up dancers in the kpop world right? special mention, Kwon Twins. ❤ LOL

  3. 26? is she 26 years old?

  4. wow, ❤ YG Fam. Love

  5. Isn’t she the one who danced the “I need a girl” performances (concerts & shows) with Taeyang? She’s really pretty. Oh, the 2ne1 girls are just so nice, taking care their dancers too. Fantastic!

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