Wah, so lucky he got to shake hands with Dara and get inside the photoshoot studio! ^^ 


Source: @druskizee on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Photos: MNET’s Andrew Chang Shakes Hands with Dara and Snaps a Photo Inside the Studio" (4)

  1. whoa!! and he’s ecstatic about it..well, can’t blame him..

  2. well, there goes the perks for holding a top position in a big media company hehehe congratulations!

  3. i can smell a fanboy ^^ cant’ blame him, for some reason that i still cannot fully explain to this day… i dunno why but for a straight girl who’s sooo not into kpop, im absolutely smitten by her. i care about her lovelife, her fanboys, her career, her fashion, her future… her happiness in general. i’m ecstatic that she’s living her dreams and pray for nothing but the best for her in everything. she’s the only celeb that im obsessing about its scary…. hehehe… dara what have you done to me^^

  4. well Dru chang ur so lucky!! ^^

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