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Comments on: "Photos: 120821 2NE1 Arriving at Madison Square Garden in New York City" (16)

  1. Gorgeoussssssssss >.<

  2. omo! Bom and dara so pretty! minzy!!! aw same here dont like CL’s hair hahaha

  3. so much happy since their cameback this year coz……Dara fashion styles never dissapointed me..from hair to shoes…..always Stunning,…,Oooppssss…Except @ Cannes festival…..that was really dissapointed…..with all event,,, LOL!still cant move on everytime i remember it…atleast now….our Goddess D didnt left behind,,,,

  4. Bommie looks so smexy and Dara is glowing like always >,< i personally don't like CL's hairstyle she looks like adjuma in it .. and our sweet maknae is so colorful ^^
    2ne1 ❤

  5. What r they doing in that place?i knw there concert is in LA,is that a photoshoot?

  6. I love Dara’s hair. They made it look like new york is a bad a** and fashion city

  7. THEY ARE S0 GLAMOROUS IN THEIR LOOK 2ne1 figthing on your w0rld tour^_^

  8. Goddess how I love your look! ^__^

  9. Goddess Dee Hwaiting!!!!2ne1 Hwaiting!!!
    Glamour 2NE1 FTW<33 I hate JS outfits!!!

  10. Bom looks stunning…….i really love dara’s hair when it is straight,,,,i prefer this that curly

    • Love Bom’s look too she’s so pretty 🙂 Yes I love Dara with half shaved straight hair than the curly one, hope they’ll bring back her pink/purple hair color it’s so cool!

  11. Bom sooo preeetay~~ Dara forever gorgeous!

  12. my girls are stunning.. 🙂

  13. Dara is soo preety,, They are full of swags ^^ and bom looking sexy

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