Earlier, we talked about our San Union Project for 2NE1’s 1st Comeback Stage. You can view that post here. We gave various gifts to Dara and one of them was a cake designed by our very own Gally The Snail. ^_^ Here is a closer look of that cake.

Source: http://blog.naver.com/zzzzz1119?Redirect=Log&logNo=100162520011

Comments on: "Admin Post: 120708 A Closer Look at San Union Project’s Cake for Dara" (2)

  1. oh! my gosh!! how can i afford to eat that cake!!!! too beautiful!!! i rather order a special fridge to keep it for a very long time.Congrats to all of you doing those nice projects.

  2. oh my!!! the cake looked daebak already from the far shot previously posted here…and now at a closer angle, it’s even daebak-er down to the smallest details!!! San Union Project daebak-est!!! ^__^

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