2NE1’s CL, the self-proclaimed Baddest Female, is known for her badass demeanor, but she may not be the “baddest” of the bunch.

In fact, we have evidence that suggests 2NE1’s sweet Sandara Park is the true, blue, bad-to-the-bone member.

Exhibit A: Sandara Park Takes a Razor to the Head

Sandara Park proved she could handle a cut when she shaved off half of her hair for 2NE1’s comeback and went down in the girl group history books for undergoing one of the most shocking image transformations.

It takes guts (and a few tears, understandably) for any girl group member, whose image is everything, to let go of her long locks, but Sandara Park bit the bullet and got buzzed.

You know it’s a pretty badass move if even CL admits she couldn’t go through with it, and we think the dangerous ‘do suits Sandara Park surprisingly well.

Exhibit B: Sandara Park’s Hot Wheels 

Don’t let Sandara Park’s size fool you because her monster ride more than makes up for her petite frame.

We’re not sure how many girl group members roll around in a Range Rover SUV, but we’re going to go ahead and assume probably not many.

We are sure, however, that monster trucks (relatively speaking) are badass-certified.

Exhibit C: Sandara Park Brings the Boys Out

And we’re not talking just any boy next door but idol stars.

Sandara Park has had her fair share of on screen kisses, but we didn’t realize she was such a video vixen until we tracked down her music video appearances. Is kissing the male lead written into Sandara Park’s contract?


 Sandara Park and T.O.P get up close and personal in Gummy’s I’m Sorry.  

 Taeyang only has eyes for Sandara Park in I Need a Girl

We can’t forget about the time she got major face time with not one, but four SHINee members. 

But we’ve saved the best for last. Remember Sandara Park’s solo single Kiss? She is the ultimate sweet girl-next-door turned major badass in the music video, and Lee Min Ho is her poor, unsuspecting target.

Source: eNewsWorld

Comments on: "Article: Star of the Week – 2NE1: Sandara Park, the Real Baddest Female?" (47)

  1. Huh!What is BADASS GODESS???

  2. just because she kissed him (based on your comments) doesn’t make her the BADDEST FEMALE. go check The Leaders! she (cl) said that she is THE ONE AND ONLY baddest female.

  3. he he he** i like what u write it’s really true he he he*** i love you g0ddess D***

  4. repaprie said:


  5. bluestripe said:

    well, she has been introduced… in teddy’s voice, “don’t be fooled by the baby face, she’s hot… coz she a BAD GIRL — DARA!!!” ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah

  6. Dara more actress award hehehe I’m sure you are a good actress you will win.. I miss your acting.

  7. anonyMOEs said:

    TRU DAT! xD

  8. Sooo trueeeeee!

  9. This is the first article written for Dara that i actually love every single word….. 🙂

  10. Loversintown said:

    You forgot to put I’ll Jong woo?? From ” the return of iljamae!” she kissed the spy while crying T TT~

  11. “Is kissing the male lead written into Sandara Park’s contract?” this statement made me laugh out loud!

  12. Impressive and brave article!
    I couldn’t agree more!^^
    “REAL recognize REAL” – Taeyang

  13. Jhoyzie said:

    You forgot jung il woo… She kissed him too in return of iljamae hehehe

  14. […] Sandara Park, the Real Baddest Female? […]

  15. POORBLOGGER said:



  16. Wohoo! Agreed! Couldn’t be more true. Nothing beats empirically verifiable proof

  17. tangerine_24 said:

    couldn’t agree more…She walks the talk 🙂 I just hope CL biased fans won’t take this negatively…peace out!

  18. Michiko said:

    they forgot to mention that she does “muay thai” that is totally bad ass!!!

  19. Dara unnie is one BAD-ASS girl for sure. 🙂


  21. Hyuwhieyl said:

    Love this article! But i wish they don’t have to name drop CL here. But they’re both bad ass in their own diff ways.

  22. Tikilovesapples said:

    Now that they mentioned it..it seems kissing the male lead is really in her contract keke. Plus her single is titled “Kiss” kekeke

    Our baby girl is one hot, arse-kicking, muay thai busting tokki!! Oww yeah!

  23. mixlovesdara said:

    This article is ddaebak! It thrills me that they’re finally paying attention to what really matters- a strong character behind that gorgeous face.

    Dara is known to be sweet and humorous and her self-deprecating ways even make her more adorable and lovable but beyond those things, she’s very tough and capable. Totally bad-ass. She’s hardworking and independent, is the best daughter and older sister, prefers pants and sneakers over short skirts and heels, looks her best bare-faced, drives like a boss in her expensive cars, loves to eat but doesn’t get fat, sticks to her gym routine and even does Muay Thai, isn’t afraid to learn a new skill even at a mature age (guitar), loves fun water sports, is gradually overcoming her fear of flying, has finally conquered her fear of dogs, is a good sport for having agreed to all those weird hairstyles and unflattering clothes and actually making them look good, has confessed to wearing butt pads on national tv, has bravely admitted that she too can be petty at times, like those times she deleted the members’ numbers, is always consistent in supporting and promoting her friends’ activities and achievements, gets all the boys’ attention and affection without any effort, remains oblivious to her charms and stays humble and grounded..

    I can go on and on at this but Dara is more than what her natural and ethereal beauty lets on. Dara’s baddest persona goes beyond the stage. In real life, she’s a true picture of willpower and perseverance. She’s our own bad-ass babe; Dara who’s fun, fearless and always up and ready for a challenge.

    (In other words, tl;dr!! Sorry! I just love this article!)

  24. dararose said:

    Is kissing the male lead written into Sandara Park’s contract? – This makes me laugh, but yeah come to think of it … maybe… LOL

  25. DaRin is my OTP so let’s just put this as

    CL: Baddest Female On Stage but a kid at heart off stage with a natural overflowing swag & impeccable fashion sense.
    Dara: Sweetest Goddess on stage but a mysterious quiet yet surprisingly strong woman off stage which makes her bad ass.

    2NE1 ❤

  26. Oh my god i so diGg tHis article! Smiling like a fool here! Woosh they forGot to puT GD HElLo perf plus yb mama perf! Kyaa!

    Reading thIs 5 times now

  27. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    The REAL Baddest Female! woot!!!

  28. you forgot her kissing scene with the Scheduler himself, Jung Il Woo in The Return of Iljimae,kyaaahh!

  29. Velvettokki said:

    OMG definitely digging this article… we knew right from the start that Dara
    is really badass!! That’s actually one of the many hidden charm of Dara ;]

  30. atifa25 said:

    nods so agree!
    Xl badass with her attitude on stage
    Dara badass with her daily life
    all in a good way 🙂

  31. egliukas said:

    i soooo agree with this article !

  32. So true! She has the best ride! Love bad ass Dara!!

  33. lala011 said:

    UP NEXT “don’t be fooled by her baby face. She’s hot but she’s a bad girl DARA HEY! pretty boy intro…yeah yeah i personally think .DARA IS THE REAL BADDEST FEMALE..haha!

  34. bows down to the REAL BADASS GODDESS!!!

  35. MyStar_11 said:

    Reblogged this on MyStar_11.

  36. It’s kinda a bad move from enewsworld to write down this article, some fans can go really crazy! But I can’t help but agree with the article !!! Sandara can really bring the boys out! ❤

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