We aren’t 100% sure, but although her face is covered, judging by the physique of the girl on the second picture, and according to some Daralings too, we could tell that it’s our Goddess Dee! And I remember Dara wearing those rubber shoes before too! Are they busy preparing for their comeback? Ooooh! Can’t wait!!! ^_^


The Loneliness of Self-Discipline(고독한 자기관리) 189편!^^

Source: @Hwangssabu

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Master Hwang Tweets A Photo of Dara Excercising" (10)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. Ssantoki unnie Hwaiting!!!!!!Thanks master hwang!!!
    i think master hwang should punched “them”(heartless people) for the way they treated Dee!!!No one deserves to be treated the way they treats her for so long!!! 😦

  3. did vote already for the Mnet..how come 2ne1 or bigbang is not nominated for Global?

  4. oh common goddess d and 2ne1 just comeback already!
    excitement is killin me..ajejeje…
    im really excited for 2ne1’s comeback…!3333333

  5. please also vote for Dara’s brother Thunder for MBLAQ for mnet’s 20s best performance category

  6. GDisthabOmb said:

    here’s the link 🙂 global.mnet.com/choice/vote_intro.m?langCd=en&clk=

  7. GDisthabOmb said:

    Blackjacks please vote for Bigbang, G dragon, & Se7en in Mnet 20’s Choice!!! We need your help 😉

  8. is 2ne1 not leaving for france?

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