These photos are from the time when 2NE1 “secretly” flew to Jeju Island the first time! ^_^

Click the link below for more photos!

Source: Cyworld; Thanks you so much to @theEROMAKNAE!

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 with YG Staff at the Airport" (5)

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  2. Oh~~~ so excited for this, I’m thinking, that their mV will be so “summery”- the vibe..coz they’re in Jeju.

  3. petitedara said:

    If I am not wrong, it is not the first time they went to Jeju Island. In 2010 I remember they had a trip in Jeju Island….

    • annabanana said:

      Yeah petitedara, we all know that. That was during 2NE1TV S2. I think you misunderstood ohdara’s post. She’s referring to 2ne1 “secretly” flying to Jeju lately, the “first time” last May 25 and stayed there overnight supposedly to do a nikon photoshoot. And then they flew back to Jeju for another overnighter last Thursday (May 28). There are rumors that they are actually making an mv or something connected with their comeback. 🙂

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