Here are close-up scans of Dara from Dazed & Confused Magazine. I totally love the piercing stare and sexy collarbone! Please show a tad more skin!

Credit: @pab0sarang

Comments on: "Photos: Dara Close-Ups from Dazed & Confused Korea (Magazine)" (13)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. kissyvee said:

    So beautiful! <333

  3. She is so pretty, my gosh!

  4. cyndikrystelle said:

    Only look at her eyes and u’ll get this intense feeling….it’s like being hypnotised!@_@ Dara~Dara~Dara!

  5. Her eyes are REALLY UMPHF!!

  6. I reblogged this

  7. Vampire Goddess Dee<3333

  8. I’ve never seen such sexy eyes!

  9. egliukas said:

    Soooo Sexy ~

  10. so cool~

  11. you’re beautiful, Sandara Park!

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