OMGGGG!!! Let me breathe!!!! Dara is so so so beautiful!!!

I love love her long hair and the headband too!!! With her hair pulled back showing her perfect flawless face!!! Dara, you truly are a goddess!!! <333 

And here’s the letter Dara handed to Sandar for OhMyGoddess.

Dara’s letter to OMG:

Congratz for 3rd anniversary of OMG!
Is it already the third year…..?! You might get bored of me by now~ But let’s go forever!! ^.^ –Dara

More photos after the cut! ^^


Source: @OMG_SANDAR + @ohmygoddessDARA + @littlestone_ +@OMG_SODA

Translated by: daralinspirit@ForeverWithDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 120424 Goddess Dara at Gimpo Airport back from Japan!" (24)

  1. Velvetokki said:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IS IT OKAY TO SHED TEARS WHILE LOOKING AT HER PHOTOS???? I missed her long hair so much plus the hair band! <3333 And she's JUST BEAUTIFUL!
    *teary eyed*

  2. a goddess! damn! what a beautiful face!!!! im so envy 🙂

  3. she’s so gorgeous i’m gonna die! seriously whaa so pretty and so sweet and thoughtful ❤
    No we won't get tired of you. 🙂

  4. ohxandie' said:


  5. so much blooming she is…

  6. wow~ She really nice, such a sweetheart!!!!

  7. “Will the period of getting tired of me come soon?”

    Definitely NOT!!! instead of getting tired, is not enough to be with you only 3 years!!! 10 years..20 years…let’s us stay together!!^^

  8. “Will the period of getting tired of me come soon?”

    of course NOT … i’ll always love you dara-ah ^^

  9. Dara4ever said:

    Wow!! I l0ve her hair down! Her flawless face! Ür too cute! L0ve u DEE!

  10. meloveDara said:

    OMG!!! Dara is so beautiful!!! keep your hair down Goddess! you’re so beautiful! Don’t worry, we won’t get tired of you..^^

  11. her hair growing long agian and oMO her face is to cute


  13. egliukas said:

    princess Dara ❤

  14. wowowow! so so beautiful! her beautiful heart makes her glow even more! ^_^

  15. wow this is the first time i saw her in a headband she looks wonderful… i lover her letter.

  16. they’re back again? how long did they stay in japan?

  17. Reblogged this on edherei and commented:
    dara eonni we will never ever get tired of you…*sob* *sob*

  18. Luv luv her<33 Sweetie Dee Hwaiting!!!!!!

  19. Her sweet and thoughtful personality towards her fans is one of the reasons why I am a fan…

  20. her letter to sandar… shes really sweet to her fans…
    Yes sandara and minzy, bom, cl, thank you for 3 years together as a blackjack here since your debut… thank you!

  21. /rendered speechless 😮
    She always looks astounding when she has simple hairstyles like this!
    Reminds me of their goodbye performance last year when she was wearing a skirt.
    Dara unnie, you are such a thoughtful, beautiful darling!~ ❤
    I wonder what she wrote…

  22. Her beauty shines even in a simple getup, I like ladylike aura and her headband is ❤

  23. cheneechee said:

    OMG goddess indeed (๑♥ᆺ♥๑)

  24. *sobs* She’s so gorgeous. I love love love her long hair.
    And the letter she gave to Sandar… ❤

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