[Sandara’s Interview in Malaysia’s Epop Magazine]

Epop: Tell us about your character?
Sandara: I think I’m more of the type to keep things to myself~ I’ve been said to be an alien when it comes to new people, different from what I am on screen~

Epop: Recent events that made you happy?
Sandara: I’ve been raising a cat since last June, looking at it being cute makes me happy~ it’s a tiger striped Bengal cat and it’s name is DaDoong. It’s really very cute!

Epop: Please introduce your members in a few words
Sandara: Bom is the queen of beauty legs, CL is a lion which escaped from it’s cage and Minzy is a genius/talented kid!

Epop: Most self-satisfactory part?
Sandara: My soft and silky skin~

Epop: What’s the thing you’re most troubled with? How do you solve it?
Sandara: I’m troubled because I’m too skinny~ solution to this is not to eat a lot at a time, but to eat more meals a day~ (epop: eh? Isn’t this a solution to slimming down?)

Epop: What type of clothes do you like?
Sandara: I like T-shirts, jeans, sneakers.

Epop: Ideal type?
Sandara: Someone like 花より男子’s (Japanese Drama) Hanazawa Rui. I like guys who are skinny and tall, and has Prince-like aura.

Epop: Which restaurant in Japan do you like the most?
Sandara: Coco~ Curry Restaurant! I like it a lot, I’ll visit the restaurant every time I went Japan~ favorite dish is 2nd level spiciness Curry with cheese and sausages!

Epop: Be it work or personal life, what do you want to try to do the most?
Sandara: I would like to be in a drama, something like a romance drama~ I would like to have a drama-like relationship too.

Epop: What is Minzy like off screen?
Sandara: Minzy likes to do things which will surprise you. She likes sewing, reading, writing novels and has a deep personality!


Source: http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2tj5euPfo1r5jhjyo1_1280.jpg

Translated by: daralinspirit@ForeverWithDara

Comments on: "Scans: 2NE1 in the 357th Issue of EPOP Magazine (Malaysia)" (10)

  1. […] Dara juga pernah berkata kalau tipe idealnya adalah seseorang yang mirip dengan tokoh Hanazawa Rui , sebelumnya GD meranin tokoh Hanazawa Rui di parodi BBF BIgBang cr : OH dara […]

  2. […] Dara juga pernah berkata kalau tipe idealnya adalah seseorang yang mirip dengan tokoh Hanazawa Rui , sebelumnya GD meranin tokoh Hanazawa Rui di parodi BBF BIgBang cr : OH dara […]

  3. kathypufi said:

    prince like aura huh…I heard someone being like this in the YG special in Strong Heart 🙂 ^^ keke!!! 🙂

  4. Jaejong, tall, skinny and prince like exactly him:-)

  5. Shiela F. Irinco said:

    my wish is for dara to star in a drama too… i do hope papa yg will allow her//

  6. oh dara want to do a drama i hope she get to do it once cuz i want to see her in drama so bad

  7. cydellianne said:

    just my type…A girl in jeans, tee and sneakers…hoohoo…love Dara-unnie… the guy she described..after I read it, Minho (Shinee) just popped up…kekeke

    • be careful kpop fangirls are scary…ugh….run dara run!!!
      kpop fans= closed minded
      american fans= open minded……lucky selena gomez…lol

      • Amitcho0818 said:

        lols ikr…peace anyway i love dara god she’s gorgeous…yup hope she star on a drama soon want to see her badly on a series=(

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