Click the link below to see more hoodies and shirts!


Hey guys! ^_^ We are happy to announce that Part 1 of 4 has already been shipped to South Korea of our 2NE1 3rd Anniversary Project! ^_^ 

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  1. gargar11 said:

    Who know 2ne1 address? i want it…because i want send present for dara…so…i get real address of 2ne1….please tell me who know real address

  2. i sooo want the hoodie!! omg print it and sell it to us daralings unnie!!!

    kyaaaah awesome ❤



    when dara updated the pictures of the hoodies etc.. i died. in happiness.

    overwhelming. sobs <3333

  4. woah, the gifts are really awesome!!
    i can’t take my eyes of it… sooooo cool!!!
    ghaad the jackets & chibi’s soo like it..
    more more powers!!
    ❤ <33 ❤

  5. Velvettoki said:

    Waaaaa everything is sooo nice aand very D-A-R-A! I am uttelry speechless with these gifts!!! WLD and OD The Best! Let’s include the mother fanbase OMG! kekeke..
    way to go unnies and I believe darleng Gary! 😛 ♥

  6. rainie_lily said:

    so those are all the gifts ?!?
    wow that’s a LOT !!!
    i want to have them too !!!

    dara is such a lucky goddess hehe
    well, daralings are as lucky to have a thoughtful idol who appreciates her fans ♥♥♥

    great work, oh dara !!!

  7. Gorgeous,excellent,greatest,perfect,amazing and beautiful works!Support!!!

  8. nag me2 update n po c dara about sa gifts nio sobrang thankful sya:)

  9. everything is awesome.. DARA would surely be delighted!!

  10. iHeartGD said:

    aww.. they are sooo cute! ❤ ❤ all of them!

  11. faith19 said:

    oh my god!those hoodies are the best!hope we can have those also!!!!!!!!!waahhhh….

  12. repaprie said:


  13. can fans buy these things?if yes…how??TT.TT

  14. these personalized gifts for dara are beyond awesome!!! hope i could participate in OhDara/WLD’s future projects…you guys are jjang!!! thank you so so much for spreading dara love!!! ^_^

  15. daragiaa said:

    I want a Dara sweatshirt because my nickname is Dara!!!!!

  16. Daralings are so talented ❤ I am imagining right now dara's face when she received your gifts. ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. oh my the jackets and the shirt are freaking cute.. ❤

  18. OMG… i want atleast one of the hoddie and t-shirt… i love it… you guys did an amazing job.. best fandom ever…

  19. omg I thought you guys are selling them I would have love to buy one of those!!! You guys did great!

  20. omg can we purchase the hoods and the shirts?

  21. sweepberry said:

    Lovin’ those hoods and shirt!! XD


  23. engrkimbeetheboss said:

    this project of yours is so amazing! the admins have brilliant minds to come up w/ this and of course 101% love for Dara…. i love everything, from the chibis, to the stickers, the planner, the shirt, the jacket and everything is so beautifully made. i wish to have one of these if ever you’ll plan to have a fund-raising for Nolza or Dara’s B-day, i’ll definitely purchase…:)


  25. wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww amazing work ><"

  26. oh my gahd! gorgeous gorgeous stuff there uwhaaaaa i want!!! i want that dara chibis printed in a shirt, i want dara stuff toys,i want dara stickers T__T i want DARA! now,here! :DD

  27. djtookie said:


  28. love all of these … wanna have one!!!!

  29. I want to buy it too!! ;D

  30. djtookie said:

    omona! i wanna have the shiiirt:D are you gonna upload the soft copy of the shirt design?:D

  31. chie019 said:

    are you selling the shirts??? can i use the chibis??

    • We aren’t sure. ^_^ We have never profited from this fandom and we really don’t want to start now. But, we could use it as a fundraiser for our upcoming NOLZA and Dara Birthday Project. You can use the chibis for as long as you give credit AND as long as its not for profit. ^_^

      • sweepberry said:

        I’m really loving the chibis T-shirt of Dara! Hope there’s a shirt printing be possible? XD

  32. NICHOLAS PARK said:

    how do you do all this?

  33. i want that shirt~!!!><

  34. Hey guys! ^_^ As of now, we really don’t have any plans of selling the planners. But who knows in the future right? Its really thick and a bit expensive to produce. T_T We don’t want to rip you guys off… T_T But we will see what we can do. Maybe we can make it a fund-raising thing for NOLZA Project or Dara Birthday Project. We will see what we can do. ^_^

  35. youaredbest said:

    today… Of all day… I miss Dara. Huuu… If by chance you meet her at the airport please extend our sincerest longing for her. Huuu…

  36. whooot im with you guys, i hope we can buy tha planner…im so loving it :))

  37. Is this a contest of some sort? i wud LOVE to own that planner!! ❤

  38. gaby kwon said:

    yay > < awesome!!!
    i hope WLD admin will send the video entries to dara so she will know daralings love her ❤

  39. oh my OH DARA fanblog is the guys have the best ideas ever.. this is very unique.. oh my 😀 DARA overload,, ❤

  40. can we buy that 😀


  42. This project is soooo exciting!!!!

  43. awesome dara planner!! how nice will it be to see her face everyday!!!

  44. wow! the day by day w/ dara planner is amazing! daralings are so talented! ^_^

  45. Reblogged this on Darababy28's Blog and commented:
    I want to have this items :))

  46. day by day with Dara ~~ i wanna join ❤

  47. i could see through the white bag, hehe. dara dolls right? :)) ❤

  48. huhu.. tears of joy.. this is really pretty:D

  49. Waaah! I love love those dara dolls inside! Please tell me you’re willing to ship those in singapore huhu T.T

  50. OMG! the bag, the box…and the stickers? are those chibi a dara stickers. coz i want them all too! so cute! I’m excited to unwrap those presents, I wish Dara will mitu this!

  51. Woah! Very very nice packaging! And I’m sure what’s inside is much better! I can’t wait to see everything. Thank you for doing this for Dara. ❤

  52. SHABAM said:

    this is getting more and more interesting! 😀

  53. kjgrhlmlmlmlmjsfgr
    still not revealed!!!

  54. momopi said:

    are these plush toys? hmmnnnn.. looks like the pink black bleacher is where you gonna place those plush Dara.. i was thinking of the Royal Japanese dolls

  55. Happy 15th million hits oh-dara…. wasnt it last month that we got 14 mil? woah that was so fast

  56. oooh! will we be seeing all these chibi dolls on those mini ledges??? ^_^

  57. super!!!!!!!!!!

  58. daragonholic said:

    waaahhhh, so cute…

  59. gaby kwon said:

    omg stop teasing us haha

  60. wowowow!!! this is so exciting!!! and if only i could see dara’s reaction when she gets the gifts! woohoo!!! ^_^

  61. Who doesn’t ..???!!!!!!
    suuuuuuuuurrrreeeeeee ^^

  62. what are those boxes? keke!

  63. DARAnayad said:

    These DARA chibis are Jjang! Hoping to see a chibi with the cute green headband! DARA THE BEST!

  64. jeca gaco said:

    wah! this is so exciting! yay!

  65. tikilovesapples said:

    ahhh kyeopta! more teasers please!

  66. very cute ~~ all of them

  67. these chibis are the cutest most adorable thing ever!!! i want one too!!! LOL…daralings are so awesome and creative!!! ^_^

  68. wow look at all the adorable chibi dara. im so curious!

  69. oh Im gonna die of excitement. stop teasing us.. please please!!!

  70. stop teasing us! hahaha! chibi dara unnie so cute!

  71. Awww all of them are so cute 🙂 still waiting for your announcement admins !


  73. Who made these adorable chibis? such a talented person!
    Why you teasing us for so long?! /taps foot impatiently lol.

  74. with all these cute chibis, I am indeed very excited! hehe :))

  75. I’m seriously amazed at the amount of detail you put in the every chibi. Just WOW! I know I’m already saying this for the third time but they are all just too darn cute! Can’t wait for more! ^^

  76. wishywashycuteness said:

    cutttteeeee 🙂

  77. very cutee……… love it…

  78. gaby kwon said:

    aaaah cute >__< !!!~~

  79. kissyvee said:

    yes!!! Super excited!! another awesome project from ohdara/welovedara coming soon!! woohoo!! 🙂

  80. Dara, chicks, chibis and yellow. (✪ܫ✪)

  81. chelleya said:

    wooo i see all the months there!^^ really excited about this ehhehhe


  83. Cuteness overload ❤ love love the thrill ❤

  84. i’m getting more excited about this!! hwaiting for this awesome proj!!!

  85. HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! More chibis!!! OMO! Everything is just so darn cuuuuuuuuuute! Can I take them all home? LOL! >3<

  86. Reblogged this on edherei and commented:
    They are all cute!!!!!!! 🙂

  87. love the chicks mini dara and the chibi♥♥♥

  88. I love yellow chic Dara!!!
    Super cute!!!! cute!!!><!!!!

  89. i want those chibis on my cuuuuuutttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….

  90. So adorable chicks and chibis! Ahhh!!! Belle and PA ate so awesome with their ideas ❤

  91. aahhh!!! what is this?? OMG reveal already!!

  92. OMGGGGG!!!! These chibis are so cuuuuuuuuute! I love how they’re both simple but very detailed! Can’t wait to see more! Another DAAAEEEEEBAAAAAAAAAAAAK project from you, guys! <333

  93. So cute and pretty!!!! Woot! I can’t wait for this to be revealed! For sure this will be daebak!!! ^_^

  94. I waaaaantt!!!!
    Please make a Dara chibi keychain so that i can bring it everywhere i go ^^

  95. the chibis are sooo cute! can’t wait… ❤

  96. these chibis are SO CUTE ..omg !!! So excited ^.^

  97. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    wow these are really cute chibis, can’t wait for the next project..^_^

  98. wow!! the chibis are so cute!!1^________^
    hwaiting for your next project!!!

  99. jeca gaco said:

    wah! are you doing DARA CHIBI STUFFED TOYS???!! wah! I’m so excited! wah! WLD JJANG!!!!!

  100. grace sambayon said:


  101. ohxandie said:

    kk i wonder what is this project all about?

  102. itsmessantokki said:

    I feel like collecting these chibis…!!! So cute…i’m so excited really really!

  103. bring it on. =)

  104. raizeljoyce said:

    YES, I’m ready!!!! xD
    Me likey the Dara chibis! keke

  105. Cute! Love this ^^

  106. is that a sticker project for Dara? ohdara is good at teasing us…

  107. cute ^_^ i want more,,,

  108. these are soo cute! ❤ I want stuff toys of each of those and hug them.. Awww! Very very nice! ❤

  109. i wonder what is this…keke so cute love it!!!

  110. so exciteddddddddd!!! i need more teasers please :p

  111. I’m really excited for this. I hope I could join. 🙂

  112. Aww… that’s a cute Dara chibi! And now I’m excited for whatever project it is!

  113. cant wait….!!!!! so excited……

  114. Oooohhh I am curious and eggcited already.
    Don’t tease, just reveal already! keke

  115. Oooh~~ Curious 🙂


  117. itsmessantokki said:

    I’m excited what project this is gonna be!! =)) it’s good to be back and commenting here again. lol, i forgot my password that I can’t drop some comments when I want too >.<

  118. Of course!!! btw, you make such a cute Dee chibi<3333

  119. sweepberry said:

    Im So~ Curious what’s up on the sleeves XD
    and Yes! Very very (egg)cited!!
    and the fanart is CUUTEE!!

  120. cute cute cute!!! ♡♡

    Hi Gary lmao

  121. Why are you teasing? T.T elrqgtsehygtsld
    I wanna know what it is! And YES I’m EGGcited!!!!!

  122. YES!!!! VERY MUCH!!!!!!

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