PANDARA! Maknae’s Noona!

Beautiful Dara!

Crazy Tokki!

Credit: maknaesnoona + xiao-dou + forever-2ne1 + vivalavu + popthatchaera + mybodyisreadytabi + hereforkpop @ Tumblr

Comments on: "GIFs: Dara from Strong Heart “YG Family” Special Part 1" (22)

  1. i just realize that sungri is the only one who continues to clap his hands while dara is performing..hehehe..^^,

  2. kissyvee said:

    Love It!!!!!!!!!
    Dara Gifs!!! Kyaa!!
    She looked uber gorgeous in SH!
    I love it everytime they show her cute expressions on the show! ^^
    Seungri-ah!! LOL!
    aigoo.. he loves teasing and playing with his favorite Noona! 😛

  3. Love all these!:D Seungri so sweet to his noona!:D

  4. SEUNGRI-AHHHH!!! KKKK…then i saw Tabi’s expression..then Dae’s smile…I wish I saw Bae and Ji’s reaction too…BIGBANG members adore Dara unnie…kekeke…Aigoo, baby caring….hahaha…

  5. hmm..i smell something fishy..hahaha!..pst! sungri baka kayo ang magkatuluyan nyan..ooopps!..hehehe..

  6. thelovelytroll said:

    She is just too cute! <3333 and PANDARA kekeke ~ /spazz mode

  7. there was a point where dara’s not on her seat, i just noticed seungri’s face was not happy or not in the mood

  8. why TOP seems pissed in the first gif??

    • nerdfoundtheweb said:

      ‘cuz he’s jealous! ^__________________^

    • yeah, i think T.O.P is jealous, he couldn’t hide it, wonder why they didn’t show g-dragon’s reaction, and after dara’s dance/singing taeyang liked punch/spanked the pillow hhmmmm
      why, the reactions of these big bang boys, they are so obvious lol

  9. ooohhhh so sweet of seungri, hey seungri ya, are you sure you’re not secretly in love with our goddess d? tsk, tsk, tsk even daesung seemed noticed it too, his smile lol

  10. @the first one..noona! noona!!
    soooo cute and still can’t get over the dance!!! @_@

  11. yow..seungri love her noona eh?.. don’t worry we love her too. take care dara for us okay?
    achuchu..hehe..why do i feel giddy when seungri put the blanket over her..haha..

  12. what if underneath all these blind date seungri sets up for dara, he’s actually the one interested in her? hihi

  13. “BRIDGE IS THE OWNER…” – lol

  14. sweety0111 said:

    i just love their relationship..:D looks like they’re really close to each other..seungri just tace care ur dara noona always ><

  15. 2NE1CALIF-FAN said:

    why dont they just go out hehe lmao

  16. 2ne1shabam said:

    Can’t stop smiling seeing Dara in SH…GORGEOUS ❤

  17. Seungri is soo caring to her noona!! (o^^o) i won’t be suprise if they ended up together!! Hehe

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