There will be a delay on the announcement of the winners of the Alive Giveaway contest. Primary Admin have no internet connection ATM. Si to make it up to you, we will have 4 winners per category instead of 3 winners and each will get a little extra prizes!!  We apologize for the inconvenience and we’re hoping for your understanding regarding this matter.

Thank you very much.

OhDara and WeLoveDara’s ALIVE GiveAway is now CLOSED.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. We will be announcing the winners by next week. We will also announce when the emails informing the winners that they have won will be sent. 

Good Luck!

After thorough discussion, we have decided on 5 categories for WeLoveDara and OhDara’s ALIVE Giveaway! We will pick 3 winners for each category. Like what we have done in the past, you can send your entries to WELOVESANDARA@GMAIL.COM. Just write the category number in the subject portion of the e-mail:

For example: [CATEGORY #1]

You can join as many categories as you want and you can send as many entries as you want per category.



Just draw any Dara Chibi that you want. One entry must contain only one Dara Chibi. You have the freedom to include anything for as long as it involves Dara from October 2011 – March 2012. For those who don’t know what a chibi is, its sort of a Dara cartoon.

Here are some examples:

Remember, it has to be Dara from October 2011 – March 2012. It can be something she did as a member of 2NE1 or any solo endorsements. 


Since 2NE1 is celebrating their 3rd anniversary soon, this category’s theme will be.. “DARA’S EVOLUTION FROM 2009 (2NE1’s Debut) UNTIL THE PRESENT…” You are free to do whatever you want with this. Its your call.

Here are some examples:


Question: How has Dara evolved from 2NE1’s debut until the present? How does it make you feel? If you were given a chance to be Papa YG, what would you want Dara to do in the future?

Number of Words: 400-800


Since this after all is an ALIVE Giveaway, this category will have something to do with Big Bang.

Question: If Dara could take over the body of ONE (Just one people! You can’t choose ALL!) Big Bang member for a day, who would it be? Why? What would she do?

*Note: Please guys, no shipping! ^_^ You answers can be funny, crazy, serious… Its up to you.

Number of Words: 300-500



Since 2NE1 will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary soon, this fan-video will be all about Dara’s evolution since 2NE1’s debut until the present. It will be like an anniversary gift to her. If you guys want, you can include her time in the Philippines. But, it is not a requirement.

Just like our previous giveaways, the winners will be chosen and I will simultaneously e-mail all the winners. The picking of prizes will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Whoever replies first, gets the prize that they want. Since categories #1, #3 and #5 require a little bit more effort and thinking, all the winners will be given an additional prize (something from Etude).


To remind you again, these are the prizes:

2 Alive Mini Albums (Big Bang Version)
3 Alive Mini Albums (TOP Version) 
2 Alive Mini Albums (Dae Version) 
3 Alive Mini Albums (G-Dragon Version) 
1 Alive Mini Album (Taeyang Version)

2 2011 YG Family Concert Live CD 

*Note: Sorry I don’t have Seungri. All my Seungri-biased friends claimed them already. Baby Panda ruining their bias list again.

4 Big Bang Official Lightstick (Version 3)

*Note: I actually have another lightstick but its slightly used. T_T If you still want it, I can give it to you.

2 Big Bang Alive Necklace 
1 Big Bang Bandana
1 Alive Lightstick
1 Big Bang Collection Card (Special Set)
2 Big Bang Alive Pin Set 
2 Big Bang Alive Towel 
1 Big Bang Alive T-Shirt (M)
2 Big Bang Alive Postcards 
2 Big Bang Alive Tattoos
1 Big Bang Alive Sticker Set
2 Asta TV Magazines (Big Bang Alive Cover)

*Note: I have said this again and again, I truly tried before but for some reason I cannot send to Vietnam. I really don’t know why. T_T I am so sorry to all my Vietnamese followers.


If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us by tweeting @WeLoveDara! ^_^

Comments on: "[GIVEAWAY] OhDara/WeLoveDara ALIVE GiveAway – CLOSED" (142)

  1. ayyyyyyyyyyy I didn’t receive any reply:((( i sent mine day before the deadline:((

  2. babeyelmo said:

    can we see the art/videos of the winners?

  3. babeyelmo said:

    T_T….i’m a sore loser..this sucks….haha for those of us who never wins…….share your blessings please….


  5. Do you think it’s possible,
    to make a future blog post with
    the winning entries 😀

    I think we’d really like to see them 😀

  6. I wish there’ll be prizes left for those who sent in many entries and didn’t win >,<…. that's ME-ME-ME! ᄏᄏᄏ

    • hmmm alive towel or BB Bandana will do if no one likes it HAHAHA!!

    • chelleya said:

      Don’t you think it’s too biased if left over prizes are for you? I mean there are tons of Daralings who sent their entries, and all of us worked hard. So even if there are left over prizes, I don’t think they should give it to those who didn’t win anything. I didn’t win anything too and I accepted the fact. This is how I feel, no offense though.

  7. congrats daralicious winners 😛

  8. I won!!! wohooo! I got the necklace ~~ kamsahamnida ^_^

  9. What if I got 2 replies? does that mean that I won twice?:)

    • :O Lucky you! 😀 Maybe they sent you my repley xD JK

      Congrats to the winners. OhDara, could you make an entry with the winners entries? I’d like to see them ^^

    • I misinterpreted it..I only won once..^____^

  10. nataalia93 said:

    admin I didn’t receive your reply .. 😦

  11. OMG.. I need the exact dates. OTL
    what if…

    but I’ll be gone for a month starting April 9th! D:

  12. GDara21 said:

    this is actually good news for me coz I’m having a holiday vacation….thanks guys for delaying the announcement….hehehehe…^_^

  13. Hi, admin. I am not sure why my video is blocked by YouTube for certain countries: china, Taiwan, u.s, Canada, and Japan. Tsk tsk.. Feel so sad, I spent quite a time doing the video. I hope the judges are not from the countries listed, if not they might not able to view my fan video.

  14. i’ve got the reply 🙂 thanks

  15. hello admin I didn’t received your reply yet .. i send my entry last monday

  16. No matter which parts of country you’re from, must follow the deadline given I guess. KST means Korean time.
    So must adjust the time to make sure you’re in time to submit your entry. Hope it helps for those questioning about the deadline.

  17. OD and WLD jjang!! agogogooooooooooo ~~~ we’ll be waiting for the results paitently ^^

  18. OhDara, I just sent my entry~ it’s still 21:37 in my country so it’s okay right?

    • I’m very sorry but we can no longer accept your entry. The instructions specifically say March 30, 2012 10PM KST (Korean Standard Time). Sorry for that and better luck next time. ^_^


    • sunnyminny said:

      You didn’t replied to my question earlier… Can I still send my entries? Because I have some computer problems, and it still 4pm in my country…

    • what??? why haven’t I received any replies for my entries??? OTL please noooooo…

    • oh nevermind my previous reply.. I recheckd my email and I got your reply there.. sorry. lol. XD

  20. I tweeted you just now but you didn’t reply mee T_T i want to ask you somethingg.

  21. sent my entry awhile ago.. im not sure if you received it.. kekeke… are you gonna send a confirmation for the entries sent.??

  22. jaybee238 said:

    sent my entry for category 2!
    hope you like my fanart!

  23. Ssantokkisuki said:

    I have just sent my entries, hope they get accepted. Tee-hee.

  24. christine said:

    hello, just made two entries ^^ please reply,

    thanks 🙂

  25. Hi, there. Just found out this contest today. Sent in my entry. pls check and reply. tq. =)

  26. I have sent in my entry. It’s category 5. please send me the reply message to me, admin. kamsahamnida.

  27. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    hi there ohdara~~ can u reply to my email, i just send my entry today~~ phew~ i made it on time, i just started drawing yesterday.>_<


    • sunnyminny said:

      Hi ! I will be able to send you my entries only at 1am KST ( it will be 6pm in my country ) because i recover my computer only at this time… will you still accept my entries? Please ! T__T

  29. I have a question, If I happen to win, when I send in the e-mail about the prize I want… Should I only list my first choice or should I list my second, third etc as well?

  30. Hi, admin. I am working on for my entry now. Hope I can submit it by tomorrow. ^^

  31. Hey guys! I know you want to know the winners right away but after the deadline, I still have a really important exam on April 3 so most probably the announcement of winners will be on April 4 or 5. There will be essays to read and I will send the e-mail simultaneously to everyone.

    • Oh, okay. Thanks.
      Could a friend do an entry for me? Or maybe, let her send an entry using her own email, but if she wins, she want to address it to me or something?

  32. Hell, I’m kinda lost here.. I just found out this giveaway few hours ago and I’m starting to make my entries right now. but i do hope you could tell me when will be the announcement of the winners and how many prizes will a winner have/choose?

    thank you.,

  33. Hello Admin… when do you announces the winners?? ^___^

  34. I really would love to join in a lot of category.. But time won’t just permit it. I could only participate in 1 category. But even if just 1, I really wish I would win. ^^

    I’ll try to join the fan manips if I could. ^^

  35. I got another question! What if someone joins, and wins, but want to send the prize to her friend instead?

  36. Hi! I’d like to ask po if how many could a winner in a certain category could have? 2? Salamat po.

  37. Sent to Category #1 and #2! I’m so excited. i did my best and i had so much fun XOXO

  38. hello po…my sister also sent her entry for [CATEGORY #4] ESSAY…hope you got it…thank you so much…>_<~

  39. Sent ! Category #1 and #2
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway 🙂

  40. sharonnin said:

    i made my chibi usinga touch pad.. is it ok?

  41. hello admin..=) I finally sent mine po…thanks for this opportunity…=)

  42. Hi there. I wanna ask when are you going to announce, approximately what date you’re going to announce the winners?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  43. appleistheman said:

    Sent! Thank you!!

  44. Hi admin :)) I’ve already send my entry in category #2 ^____^

  45. can i know when you will announce the winner? anddd you’re the best daraling everrr! i respect you so muchh! only if dara knows about this, she must be proud of you! 😀

  46. Those chibis are so cute!
    I wish we could participate in voting. lol.
    Good luck to all participants!

  47. bunnygirl said:

    if dara chibi must be computer graphic or can be just drawed?

  48. unisoeul said:

    Dara must be so proud to have fans like you are! Daraling jjang!!
    for all who join this FIGHTING!!
    well i dont join cuz iam bad at it keke~

  49. I have send my entry 🙂


  51. WLD & OhDara~

    Submitted my entries for Category #2 and #4… Please confirm if you receive it… thanks! thanks!

  52. Jeanrose_blackjackVIP said:

    I have a question, do i have to put my essay on MS word or just straight to the email?

    • Jeanrose_blackjackVIP said:

      Oh nevermind,I just sent it straight through my email 🙂 hope you can reply to my entry also 🙂


  54. Have you guys replied to the sent emails yet? Because I haven’t received any, shall I try sending my entry again? ^^

  55. Thanks for sharing all these give-aways…

    I currently working now on my entry…. nah entries!!! ahihihi ^^

    WeLoveDara and Oh-Dara Chwigo! Hwaiting!

    • Submitted my entries for Category #2 and #4… Please confirm if you receive it… thanks! thanks!

  56. One of the best part of being a 2ne1 and a dara fan is YOU guys. Your generosity and your eagerness to reach out is MUCH LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ More power to WELOVEDARA AND OHDARA!!!

    PS: I cannot participate hehehe, so for the talented daralings and BJs FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

  57. Admin…question po…is the email address in all caps? like this WELOVESANDARA@GMAIL.COM ….kinda afraid coz I might send it to a wrong address…TY…=)

  58. Jeanrose_blackjackVIP said:

    Is there a membership required here? cause I just found out about this giveaway and I soooo interested to join. 🙂

  59. Hello I am Peruvian, I can participate the event? TT because I love to 🙂

  60. bunnibel97 said:

    Can I draw the Chibi Dara by hand? Because I’m not used with programs on computer. I really want to participate. ^^

  61. toannieone said:

    ooh. I might join this 🙂


  63. I’m excited to submit my entry/entries ^_______^ Because of your contests my art skills are being tested again. I miss doing art works during my high school days.haha Thank you for the challenge!

  64. Do you think it’s possible to reply to the sent entry?
    so we can be reassured that the entry got through
    and was not lost somewhere xD

  65. I send my entry and can u reply if you received it tnx

  66. That’s awfully generous of you guys! I have to admit, since 2NE1 started, I wasn’t exactly sure about Dara’s role, but over the years she has convinced me that she is definitely an asset (or “vitamin”) to the group! Just too adorable and energetic. I’ll make it up to her by participating! Very interested in drawing a chibi version of her 🙂

    • Mochi / Elly said:

      Thank you so much for choosing my entry! :)) Congrats to the other winners as well!

  67. im trying to do my dara chibi ^^ is really fun, using all my fan skills right now L0L Dara! Fighting!

  68. I just want to ask how many prizes can the winner win? Thanks =)))))


  70. xxk83nxx said:

    WOAH! @o@… xD..
    How many does one winner actually win?!! O___O
    oh man~ wanna join so bad but with university finals just in the corner… i wish im still in h.s. atleast exams are still in june..

  71. I Wanted To Know If We Can Participate In The Giveaway ALIVE? Or Only For Filipino Or Is Everybody Blackjacks Around The World? I’m from Colombia

  72. appleistheman said:

    I will join too please! I will try my best, my very best and nothing but the best!! ❤

  73. Wow! I miss the contest before…hope I’ll join this time…=)…kamsahamnida with millions of dara confetti ohdara!

  74. Woaaa~ jinjjayo?
    Can i join this, where i must send my art??
    Can i follow all of the categories?

  75. Of course there is. 🙂 If you get picked in the categories then you will win. 🙂

  76. ah.. I see the date of deadline.. i want to join >,< can I? can I?

  77. I’m from Indonesia, is it okay if I join? O,o

    when the deadline? O.o

  78. so many goodiesssssssssssss i wanna join!!!!!
    but i’m not good at any of the categories ottokkkeeee????!!!!

    best of luck daralings!!!! hwaiting!!!

    thanks uber generous admin 🙂 WLD & OHD jjang!!!

  79. wow…. another contest. im excited to join again.
    can i still join even if i already won the previous contest?

  80. WeLoveDara and Ohdara are the best

  81. Im actually drawing right now

  82. how about Dara drawing?

  83. secretseven said:

    owo I just saw the deadline. LOL. Ignore my previous post. Sorry. 😀

  84. secretseven said:

    WOWOW! Will be joining! LOL. I’m from Canada though… I read it wont be a problem? *coughs*soundedlikeI’manticipatingawin*cough* I don’t know if I passed through the article too quickly and missed the deadline for submission? Errr… when a person wins, can s/he pic the prize? *wants TOP merch badly* :DDD Good luck competitors! LOLOL

    • sevvy?! I found you!!!!! 😀

    • Yes, sending to Canada won’t be a problem. ^_^ Deadline is March 30 at 10PM KST. After we choose the winners, we will announce on twitter that we will be sending all the emails. So basically, it will be a battle of who gets to reply first with what they want. I will screencap it.

  85. yayy..ur so humble…i like you..all dara’s fans is nice ..including me…hehehe..
    gonna join the fan-video category. achuchu ❤

  86. what is this thing with green skull on it? :3

    • i think that’s bigbang 4th mini album special edition… it looks the same as i have.. the packaging is really nice..

    • Its a special card edition set. 🙂 It doesn’t have a CD inside. Its like a card set.

  87. i want to join too…is it okay for me to join…i mean i’m from sweden

  88. omg…i want too join…

  89. woaaah *.* you’re really good person! haha I’ll join it for sure :3 how much time do we have?
    I wanted to write an essay but…but…oh… no shipping… right.. >o< haha so I should draw something :D:D
    so sad that seungri's album isn't here ^o^ but bandana or necklake or T-shirt… WOAH! 😀
    oh btw, do you like exchanging postcards? haha 😀 I'm keen on postcrossing that's why I'm asking.. sorry if you don't ~~ ^^"

  90. Whoa! What a treasure you’ve got there! Do you know how awesome you are?!
    Good luck to all those who are joining! ^-^

  91. Woah so cool. You guys are really da best! But T___T My Panda Ri….nothing left of him awww, baby panda.

    • Sorry! T___T All my friends snatched up Seungri first. He has now become their bias. Panda Ri destroying everyone’s bias list.

  92. OMG! you are soooo generous…can we be friends? LOL!

    did you pre-order these? mine has not arrived yet….
    oh wait did you go to Korea to watch the big show? agahsgdghjdfkshajdhgasj!!!
    and…and you’re definitely loaded..;D

    I really want to join, but…but…I don’t want to be selfish….I’ll just wait for mine to come…
    thank you..admin-shi…you are one kind lady…:D

    • Kekeke! ^_^ Yes, I went to Korea to watch Big Show. I bought all of these there. Buying online is too expensive. I hope you join! Good luck!

      • you are so lucky….*very jealous indeed*

        can you write a fan account or something…:D
        …but, but, I’d probably be more jealous…
        but its okay…fan account if you have time…

        and yes shipping cost was just IMPOSSIBLE!!
        wish I’d known you were going, could have asked you to buy me a few things…LOL!
        well there’s always next time, or we could go together…:D

  93. oohh..interesting..i’ll try to join the essay vategory..hehe…i’m bad at visual stuffs..

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