Dara is bringing smexxxyyyy back, bay-beh! Just look at that back, aint it sexy?! Made even more sexier by the fact that she’s wearing her hair up so we can see her nape! /stares And of course, her legs! And her… cute cute butt! Oh Bom, you are so right when you said Dara has a cute butt! Kekeke!


Source: @junesista

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Dara’s Sexy Back at YG Family Concert Japan" (6)

  1. Love it<33 Goddess Dee Hwaiting!!!

  2. when was this photo taken?? she performed with her hair down right?? is this a rehearsal shot?

  3. she is gorgeous even with a pic shot from behind! ^_^

  4. rose ann said:

    dara <33333

    love her….

  5. unisoeul said:

    skinny but sexy!! haha cute butt ❤

  6. missy musni said:

    she s sexy !

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