Some goodies to drool over! ^_^ 

IDK what goodies they come with, but there were 2NE1 polaroids, and I think you get a member in random. ^_^ Pretty Dara! Taken during JRA time I think. ^^

YG Fam Con had a collab with food outlets! Big Bang was Coco Ichi’s (I still think it should have been Dara because she’s been giving them free promotions from the get go, LOL!) while 2NE1 had this corn drink! I love the corn keychain! It’s so Bommie! Keke!

Here’s the board showing all YG Fam Con goodies!

2NE1’s lightning badges, towels, light stick,  etc, were also awesome as well! Check out more awesome goods, especially 2NE1 members’ solo polaroids, at the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Taken from: @WeLoveDara

Sources: @ilovegd21 @8yu1 @momoko19880502

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: YG Family Concert Goodies!" (3)

  1. LUCKY JAPANESE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*sigh

  2. Janna Relato said:

    Y THEY NO SELL THESE HERE?? :((( *drooling*

  3. Whaa!!! 2ne1’s keychain is very funny & cute ^^
    Bom-uksusu inspired charm huh!!! xDDD I want one! kkkkkk

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