Congratulations to all the winners! Please check your e-mail and reply right away to choose your prize! Remember, its on a first-come-fist-serve basis! Good luck!

Here are the choices:

2NE1 2nd Mini Album Signed CD (taken), 2NE1 Lightstick (taken), 2NE1 NOLZA Black Towel, 2NE1 NOLZA Live CD (taken), 2NE1 NOLZA DVD (taken), 2NE1 NOLZA Pin Set, 2NE1 NOLZA Temporary Tattoos, 2NE1 NOLZA White Queen Towel (taken), 2NE1 UGLY Official Mask Set (taken), Big Bang Album History Pin Set, Big Bang Chocolates (I am not sure if this will still be edible by that time!) (taken), Big Bang Lightstick (taken), Big Bang Socks, Etude House Sweet Propose Make-Up Set (taken), Gummy Lightstick, Kiss with YG Family (Sticker Set) (taken), Minzy or CL Bath Mats, Minzy or Dara Cheering Tool, PSY Lightstick, Tablo CD, TOP Stickers, YG Family Concert 2011 Photobook (taken), YG Family Concert 2011 Pin Set, YG Family Concert 2011 Poster Set, YG Family Concert 2011 Towel (taken), YG Family Concert 2011 Postcards (taken), YG Family Lightstick (taken).


Because of the amount of awesome entries that we received, we decided to have 5 winners for the Fan-Art Category. Congratulations!

Congratulations: Azel (BigBang Lightstick)

Congratulations: Regylle (Etude House Sweet Propose Make-Up Set)

Congratulations: ReKa (2NE1 UGLY Official Mask Set)

Congratulations: Jez (2NE1 NOLZA Live CD)

Congratulations: Alex (BigBang Chocolates)


Congratulations: Shamira (YG Family Lightstick)

Congratulations: Jerome (2NE1 White Queen Towel)

Congratulations: Tonee (2NE1 2nd Mini Album Signed CD)

Congratulations: Kikumaru (YG Family Concert 2011 Towel)


Congratulations: Ryelsi (YG Family Concert 2011 Photo Book)

Congratulations: Jez (YG Family Concert 2011 Postcards)

Congratulations: Geby Liwang (2NE1 Lighstick)


Congratulations to:

Marie/Janna (2NE1 2nd Mini Album Signed CD), Ouley (2NE1 NOLZA DVD), Gypsy (2NE1 NOLZA Live CD), Rizza (Kiss With YG Family Sticker Set) and Yna (2NE1 Lightstick)


Comments on: "Admin Post: OhDara and WeLoveDara Christmas Give-Away Winners" (30)

  1. ohdara please check your email I sent you an email thanks 🙂

  2. I want the 2ne1 NOLZA Black Towel! 😦 🙂

  3. Ssantokkisuki said:

    감사합니다!! . I have received the Etude Makeup. So pretty~(๑◕ヮ◕๑) Here is a thank you picture. I am wearing small princess crown like Dara since Dara is a princess. (#^.^#) I am happy that Dara will see the drawing. Thank you for the opportunity. (*´▽`*)

  4. Hi guys! Just wanna say thanks again. I already received the package. This will surely be treasured. Thank you very much! More power and blessings to y’all! =)

  5. hello admin! i already received my gifts. again thank you. thank you… thank you!

  6. Hi Admin ,this is Kikumaru. I replied to your message last tuesday (Jan. 10) ^^ I chose another prize because you said that it was already taken.

  7. waaahh ! I’ve Won ~ ^^ Lalala ~~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH ! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I'm So happy ^^

    Makikita ni Dara unnie yung ginawa ko ^^


  9. WOW.. best new year ever!!! thank you welovedara and ohdara.. i can’t believe I won.. already replied to your email last night!.. im not sure though if you received it coz my mail is not working properly this past few days.. T.T FANART and video entries are so JJANG talented DARALINGS.. more power guys!!! we all love DARA thats for sure.. happy new year!!!

  10. WOW!! I Can’t believe that my entry will be sent to SSandara!!! and tnx for the bonus prize!! Thank you very much OHd and WLD!!!! xDDD Happy New Year! 🙂

  11. bunnibel97 said:

    OMG! I never knew, you guys are so talented with FAN-ART. My FAN-ART entry was a bit….OTL….Well, atleast I know how to improve next time, since it was my first time.


  12. surely we will get to show DARA all these winning entries and how much she is loved! I’m sure Dara misses the Jolly Spag! hehehe
    just sharing my photoshoot of Jollibee and TamTam =)


    thanks to admins of WLD and OHDARA for sharing all these stuff! All for the love of DARA! Keep it up! ^__^

  13. rainielove03 said:

    Congrats guys .. You guys deserve it!! Dara would loveee to see those for sureeee.

    Guys help us to vote for 2ne1 in London Olympics 2012. They’re currently in 28th place. We can only vote once. This is the site:

    Let’s go vote BlackJacks !:)) I would love to see Dara in London performing with 2ne1 in London . Well, who doesn’t right?:))

  14. skullgeby said:

    I won. Unbelieveable, but I really happy now. Big thanks to GOD, to OhDara, to WeLoveDara, and especially to our Goddes Dara ♥♥ (˘̩̩⌣˘̩ƪ)

  15. unknown_lurker said:

    Congratulations to all the winners and to all the other participants as well! Thanks to the admin and staff of Oh Dara and We Love Dara for this project as well. All winning entries posted here are great. =)

  16. wahh thank you WeLoveDara! T_T you made me happier and enjoy vidding dara all the way wahhh T_T

  17. thank you so much ohdara and welovedara for making the giveaway and chose me as one of the winners! thank you sooo much 😀 can’t believe I won!

  18. Holy wow!! I can’t believe I won ^^
    Thank you!!!!

  19. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much WeLoveDara unnies!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  20. 2ne1BBshabam said:


    • Shamira right here ^^ thank you thank youuu 😀

    • Thanks for your comment…it’s me Tonee ^^….
      Just like Dara… Pinoys really love Jollibee!!! and I was so giddy about my idea just before executing the photoshoot of Jollibee and Tamtam!

  21. congratulations to the winners!! weeeehh so cute…!!! ^___^
    btw.. gona share my entry…sorry if it really looks so bad…

  22. 2ne1BBshabam said:

    congrats guys!!!

  23. Velvettokki said:

    Wow!! DARAlings are really jjang! So creative and meaningful entries 😀
    Congratulations to all the winners..may you have a DARAfull 2012 year or should I say may we all have DARAfull year!

    OhDara and WeLoveDara Thank Youuuuuuu forever ♥

  24. Wow… the winners are really talented! Congratulations!

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